Santtu Seppala and Sarah Rafferty married life

News by Bartle Published on 27 Dec,2015 Updated on 27 Dec,2015

Santtu Seppala and Sarah Rafferty is a best looking couple all across within the film industry. As Sarah is a successful actress with the successful amount of net worth both of them are happy and satisfied within each other. As this couple meets in the Yale University together they were dating from the very time as an official affair being boyfriend and girlfriend. Santtu is a stock analyst and also known with his another name as Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka “Santtu” Seppala. They were married in the year 2001 among their family and friends with the mutual understanding and consent in the church and no news for the divorce yet. 

Sarah states, her husband is a very understanding man who is responsible with all of his activities that he is working on with. He is very romantic at the same time he is sincere with his activities that he is working on with. Estimated as a 3 million of net worth they are living in their own house with 2 children with homely environment. There were no any rumor besides her husband regarding Sarah’s dating history or relationship status and affairs. Santtu is also happy with his wife success and progress within the Hollywood industry as well as supportive towards it.

Sarah and Santtu both are very good at cooking. Both of them love making the favorite dishes for each other. They love travelling along with their children and make them aware about the life style and culture of different people living within different places. Santtu is an understanding husband who loves giving his time to children if Sarah is busy with her professional life. This might also be the reason for their tight bonding. They are also financially strong and making the proper growth of their children fulfilling their basic and academic demands with proper care and attention.

The married life of this couple is also the example for the other people so far. They love spending most of the time watching movies and organize often gathering and get together with collaboration with their friends during their free times. They also plan for a holiday weekends and celebrates the different occasion together. During Sarah birthday, Santtu organized a big ceremony and threw a big party that is still remembered by the people and their friends. He also gifted a beautiful watch to her with lots of his love attention and care towards her. Sarah was very surprised after getting it.

They are the amazing couple even the social sites are full of the news and information circulated all across. Their pictures are even Google by their fans to get their recent pictures and the ongoing activities done by them. They states, they feel so lucky to get the positive comments and appreciation made by their fans and thankful towards them. Well! We wish you a happy life.