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Sam Riley was born in January 8, 1980. Sam is known with his best and progressive performance in Biographical film related with the life about Lan Curtis. From the very time his journey started with official starting from the year 2007 till the present time with success and achievements as Actor and singer. Riley is belonging with English nationality and he was born in Menston, West Yorkshire of England. His father was professionally working in a textile agent as well as also teaching within a nursery school. Sam was the eldest child out of the children of his parents and he grew up under the supervision of his mother.

Sam joined his early career within Malsis School and he was a brilliant student in his studies. Later on he also joined to London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts for the further achievements and also studied within Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Right after his education his formal career started with his presence as Lan Curtis. He also won many awards and nominated with his adorable performance that made him close across his fans moreover. Right after this his he also pointed out his career along in the music industry. Sam is also a model indeed.

Sam is going through a happy married life with his girlfriend named Alexandra Maria Lara whom he got married in the year 2009. From the very moment he is going with the happy married life and they got married in the mid of august. Sam mentioned that his spouse is very understanding and supportive towards his career. Along with this his bio is also clear about no any extra marital affair besides his married life. There is also no any past data of his divorce and he has never been into any rumor or controversy yet. Sam is also straight in his sexuality and he is not a gay at all. Sam is very good with his voice therefore, he loves singing songs for his wife as well during his leisure time. Sam is also caught upon the public places along with his wife holding their hands together and spending out their best times. Sam is also a good cook and he loves cooking for his spouse. He is the father of his children and totally responsible towards them. Sam is not planning about his divorce and he mentioned he is totally happy with his married life.

Sam height is 6 feet tall and his look seems very attractive with his stylish presentation. Sam is also earning the great amount of salary all because of his progressive performances and looking on his bio his net worth is approximately around 185 million American dollars that made him to be dictated as a richest celebrity within the year 2015 all because of his success.

by Bchrome, 01 Feb, 2016

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