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Sagarika Ghose is an Indian journalist, author, and a news anchor. Bhaskar Ghose, a formerly of the Indian Administrative service was Sagarika's father. Her aunt Arundhati Ghose has served as amba s sador, and her middle aunt is former justice in Supreme Court in India. Sagarika has worked with the team of several Medias such as The Times of India, The Indian Express, and Outlook. Her nationality is India; she also has Indian ethnicity.

Sagarika Ghose has earned her bachelor's degree in History from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. In 1987, she luckily won Rhodes scholarship and then she joined Magdalen College completed a major in Modern History. St Antony's College, Oxford, is the institution where she finally earned her M.Phil. She has started her professional career since early 1990.


Sagarika Ghose first worked at The Times Of India, Outlook magazine and then she joined The Indian Express. A deputy editor and prime time anchor is her post In the 1990s. She was at CNN-IBN in 2004. She is the first woman to host the show Question Time India. She has also established herself as an author. 

Sagarika Ghose is not only a journalist but also a writer. She has been working as a writer through her books The Gin Drinkers: A Novel, Jaipur, and Agra. Her first novel The Gin Drinkers published at the end of the 1990s. Her second novel Blind Faith was released worldwide in 2004. She is now aged 51 years old.

Personal life

Sagarika Ghose is married to Rajdeep Sardesai. MrRajdeep is the re-noun media figure. He has worked as a news anchor, and he is a writer too. They have got a son and a daughter. Ishan is their first child. Tarini is the second child of Sagarika Ghose with Rajdeep. She is beautiful resembles her mother. Her family member includes her husband and two children right now.


Sagarika Ghose was a victim of public trolling in Indian social Medias, especially Twitter. There is not any information about her external affairs and no sign of separation till date.

Net worth

Being the wife of known media personality, her net worth is estimated to be bit high. Sagarika Ghose's net worth is estimated to be in the range of approximately $716494549 in 2016, according to the users of VIP faq. The estimated net worth includes stocks, properties, and luxury goods such as yachts and private airplanes.


Sagarika Ghose was given the award for best public debate show in 2013. She was awarded the "Gr8-ITA Award for Excellence in Journalism" in 2009. In 2005 from FICCI Ladies Organization, she has received an "Excellence in Journalism Award". In 2012 she received the "CF Andrews Award" for Distinguished Alumnus from St Stephen's College. In 2014, The Rhodes Project named Sagarika as one of the 13 famous media people.

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