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Ryan Ross was born with his birth name George Ryan Ross III, in august 30, 1986. Ryan birth place is located within Las Vegas, Nevada and he is running 29 years old in his age. Occupationally from the year 2004 he is working as a musician as well as singer within American music industry. Ryan is the lead songwriter within his band named as Panic! At the disco. Later in 2009 he got departure from the very band. He is also appreciated with the track within Vices and Virtues. His father was owner of shop that was selling musical instruments therefore, it was the fact he was motivated and influenced across the music industry. His mother was an insurance agent and later she was a home maker. Ryan was 4th out of 5 children of his parents who later gave divorce to each other.

Ryan, in his 12th Birthday, got guitar as a Christmas gift. He then started learning with Spencer Smith, his best friend who had drum of his own. This made him to start writing lyrics from the age of 14. Ryan was not much serious in his education and he was more focused within music. His recording within the years like A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out on September 2005 is also among the hit ling and workings that have been accomplished by him.

Ryan is also dictated with his nick name as Ryro and he has altogether 4 tattoos made in his bodies. The name is his affair and girlfriend is not disclosed among the people yet. Ryan is not a married man and according to him he is not meant for a committed relationship. Ryan seems not interested in making an affair neither he is a gay. Ryan is straight in his sexuality and even there is no any doubt within this regard. Ryan loves travelling and roaming around the cities with his friends and he dreams of travelling almost half of his life across the world. Ryan is also family oriented person and he states he is meant to establish as a pillar of the family. Ryan also cooks the best dish for his mother and he is planning to establish his own restaurant after some years with success of his career.

Ryan is 5 feet 11 inches tall and he is planning to quit drinking and smoking for his good health. Ryan is also tuning himself into pure vegetarian. The latest salary and net worth of this popular star is also amazing sum of money and the latest data dictates his net worth to be 3 million American dollars which is the data of the end of 2015.

by sanjeet, 29 Mar, 2016

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