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Rupert Evans was born on 9 March 1976, and Rupert is running 40 years in age. Evans has been a part of many theater programs who is an actor working in films and televisions. Rupert's birthplace is located in Staffordshire, England of the United Kingdom and his active years of working started from the year 2001 within the current time. Rupert is also the active member of Royal Shakespeare Company. Rupert childhood was spent in farm and he was brought up by his grandmother as because his parents were busy in their professional life. Rupert was the only child of the family and he was brought up by much of supervision by his family members.

Rupert joined his early schooling getting a s sociated with an independent school which is named as Bilton Grande School. This school was located in the place near to the market town and later he also studied at Milton Abbey School for his further schooling. During the very time due to his interest in drama and arts, he became a part of Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts and started pursuing his education and further career in the field of drama where this academy was located in London, South Kensington. Rupert very first character was within Crime and Punishment where he got an opportunity to work with various big stars and get high appreciation from them. Along with this, his very first major role undertaken by him was within Hellboy and later he worked in Agora as well.

Rupert personal story consists of very limited information on social and information sites. This led to the reason behind his absence of wife and married in the personal sites of the media. Rupert is not gay and he has not been doubted in his sexuality. Rupert has never been in any issues of controversy in his life as well as he seems busy in his career. Rupert is a s sumed of not being a married man still there are rumors about his love stories with many of the top celebrities. Rupert once feels in love with his high school mate but that was just for a short duration of time. According to him, he is searching for a good love life in his life with whom he can feel easy and comfortable in sharing his every of the stuff.

Rupert height is 5 feet 10 inches and his weight seems properly maintained with his height due to his regular visits to the fitness center. and often exercise carried out. Rupert holds white ethnicity background and he is  a British citizen. The salary of Rupert is not clearly mentioned yet his net worth can be estimated to be around 3 million American dollars. 

by Bchrome, 31 Mar, 2016

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