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Rosanna Pansino was born in June 8, 1985 who is now 30 years old in her age. Rosanna is an American baker as well as her profession is also added of being as an actress. She is popular face within the social media as a YouTube personality and with variety in her profession she is also a singer. The birth place of Rosanna is located within Seattle, Washington of United States and her nationality is American. Mostly, Rosanna is known for her workings within Nerdy Nummies “Perfect Together”. It is one of the most popular baking shows that are easily search within “YouTube”. Her grandmother was totally into baking as her pa s sion that motivated her to make up her career within the baking as a professional one.

Rosanna was encouraged into the YouTube career as because of some of her friends who are totally into YouTube and earned out their fame. Her YouTuber friends suggested her to make her own channel and to be more comfortable in front of camera and even they motivated her to build up the confidence. Her show currently is running and winning the heart of many of her fans. Along with this she started collecting many subscribers for her shows. Her show is even appreciated by many of the YouTube personalities like Michelle Phan and Hannah Hart. She along with this also launched her cookbook named as “The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook” that was officially released in November 3 of the year 2015. Her recipes are very unique and easy to cook according to her fans. 

Rosanna is very beautiful and excellent in her looks. She is often dictated with nickname as Ro and her trademark is Petite frame. Rosanna was also “Educational Goodwil Amba s sador” during her college days as well as her lower education was obtained from Native American Elementary School. She belongs from mixed heritage of Croatian, German and Irish looking from her ancestry. Rumors about Rosanna is stated that she is a married lady and she is committed in her relationship where some rumors is that she is not married and she has a deep affair with her boyfriend. However, there is no any actual fact for this regard due to her absence of interaction among the public. Rosanna is a good traveler and she has visit many parts of world as claimed by her. Rosanna is very obedient child of her parents and responsible towards them.

Rosanna height is 4 feet 10 inches tall and this cute lady weight is less than the last year. Where she stated she lost 8.5 Lbs of weight. The latest salary of Rosanna is also exclusive and her net worth is eye cashing i.e. 2 million American dollars of amount. She is planning to start her own restaurant very soon in the near future as according to her.

by sanjeet, 20 Mar, 2016

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