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Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911. Professionally he was American politician and actor. He was the 40th president of the USA from 1981 to 1989. He also was the 33rd governor of California. Later on, he followed his career in Hollywood and also established as a union leader. He was born in northern Illinois belonging from poor family background. His father was professionally working as the salesman and later he also served as a storyteller. His mother was mixed descent belonging English and Scots. He did not have much healthy childhood due to low economic background and poverty.

In the very early stage of Reagan’s career, he worked as the sports announcer. He completed his graduation from Eureka College and this was in the year 1932. Serving to various regional radio stations he earned much work experience which helped him a lot. He also got positioned as President within Screen Actors Guild after he moved to Hollywood. He moved to Lowa for his professional excellence. WHO radio was the one from where he got much recognition from the people. Even Reagan also completed his 14th home-study Army Extension Courses which he mentions as the amazing experience he ever had.

Ronald was married to Jane Wyman whom he worked together in Brother Rat as they officially announced being together on January 26, 1940. They are parents of 2 children and with his political ambition made this couple to divorce. He later met actress Nancy Davis whom he had a great relationship. They also later got married in 1952 till 2004. Reagan and Ronald were maintaining their good friendship till the time of his death.

 Nancy later died at the age of 94 on March 6, 2016. Ronald also died because of pneumonia as he was facing complicated disease Alzheimer’s disease. He was excellent in high school and his bio has adequate information in the wiki. His quotes are still remembered by the people. His presence in a s sa s sination attempt Federal Reserve is noted as an absolute one.

Looking to the height of this successful personality, he is 6 feet and an inch tall with weight 185 Ibs. Though the explicit mentioning of his salary is not found yet, his net worth is noted high ultimate one since his wife Nancy was earning 25 million dollars. Similar to her, his net worth is stated with similar range. 

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