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Ron Lester was born in August 4, 1970. He was an actor working in American film industry. Originally Ron belongs from Kennesaw, Georgia of United States and later he died at the age of 45 in Dallas, Texas of USA. He is recognized from his best work and presentation in movies like Varsity Blues, Good Burger and Not Another Teen Movie which was able to collect good feedback from the people across. The popular Television Program Popular is also known as best work presented by him. His father was working in private hospital and mother was agent of Real Estate. Ron was the only child of his parents.

Lester during his early time moves to Atlanta, Georgia for his commercial working. This later on turned into feature part and he also started working for music video in the very time. Working with the band called Little Texas made him much to elaborate his career. He shifted to Los Angeles and started working for comedy clubs over there. In the very time he worked in movie Good Burger making his official debut in the year 1997. Additionally working in Freaks and Geeks for 2 years of time he collected much experience which was fruitful for his further time.

This successful personality who died in just 45 years old did not provide any details about his personal life to the media. Because of liver and kidney failure he died on June 17, 2016 at 9 p.m. This was exactly after requesting for taken off life support. There were rumors about his dating an actress of the industry but none of the details has been reviled. His death harmed a lot to the industry as he died in the time while his career was reaching to the top stage. His bio in Wikipedia has also not detail related about dating, affair and married life related to him. Ron is now said as an actor with short success. Ron never faced any rumor and controversy that harmed his professional image. He was spotted time and again with few celebrities of the town but there were not any real facts in regard to this. He was friendly in nature with positive attitude. He was also a s sociated with some organization related with street children and even used to fund with monetary support. He also provided sufficient fund for a heart victim for which he was also awarded for his social involvement.

Moving to personal details of this successful celebrity his height, weight and body measurement is not available. His net worth was around thousands of American dollars with advance sum of salary. Ron was not gay neither he was doubted in his sexuality. Ron can still be seen in social networking sites and internet pages Wikipedia has provided some more details about him. 

by Bchrome, 19 Jun, 2016

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