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Roland von Kurnatowski Sr. was a Nicaraguan-born American who achieved a great deal in his life. He was the father of comedian Theo Von and a close friend of actor Harry Connick Sr. and was also a mahogany farmer and a philanthropist. 

In Roland's son Theo's latest Netflix stand-up special, "Regular People," he delves into various aspects of his life, including his family. One question that often arises after watching the special is, "Who is Theo Von's dad?"

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr.'s Son Theo Von Revealed About Harry Connick Jr.

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. was born on 1912, November 29 in Nicaragua, and moved to the United States in 1922. He was the father of comedian Theo Von and is remembered for his many accomplishments throughout his life.

Roland worked as a mahogany farmer in Nicaragua before he moved to the US. He was a close friend of Harry Connick Sr., the father of actor Harry Connick Jr. In 1922, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. decided to move to the United States. 

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. with his son Theo Von the comedian and the Netflix stand-up special. SOURCE: Twitter

During his appearance on the Tiger Belly podcast, Theo Von shared an intriguing detail about his father's profession before moving to the US. Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. worked as a mahogany farmer, showcasing his connection to the natural world.

Despite the closeness between their fathers, Theo Von revealed that he has never had the opportunity to meet Harry Connick Jr. Personally, as he ventured into the entertainment industry, his father had already passed away.

The Tragedy Death OF Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. The Father Theo Von

Theo Von, the renowned comedian, recently released his second Netflix stand-up special titled "Regular People." He hailing from Covington, Louisiana, is the son of Gina Capitani and Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr., born in 1910, grew up in Nicaragua before moving to the United States in 1922.

During an appearance on the Tiger Belly podcast, Von revealed that his father used to work as a mahogany farmer before immigrating to the US. While not much is known about his father's life and career, Von did mention that his father was close friends with Harry Connick Sr., the father of actor Harry Connick Jr.

The Late Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. and his friend the actor Harry Connick Jr. SOURCE: Twitter

Sadly, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. passed away in 1996 at the age of 86. Reflecting on his relationship with his father, Theo Von expressed a mix of love and anger, primarily stemming from not having enough time to truly know his father before his passing. He cherishes the memories he has but also feels a sense of longing for a deeper connection.

Aside from his father, Theo Von comes from a family of four children, including one older brother and two sisters. He has often incorporated anecdotes about his family in his comedy shows. In 2017, he even vlogged their Christmas celebrations for his YouTube channel as part of his series "This Past Weekend."

Theo Von's Family Siblings And Christmas Traditions

Apart from his father, Theo Von comes from a family of four children. He has one older brother and two sisters. Throughout his comedy shows, he often shares humorous anecdotes about his family. In 2017, he vlogged their Christmas celebrations, providing a glimpse into their unique and entertaining traditions.

Theo Von's father, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr., played an influential role in shaping the comedian's life. Despite the age gap and limited time they had together, Theo Von holds deep affection for his father and acknowledges the impact his presence had on his upbringing. Through his comedy, Theo Von continues to honor his father's memory and share their story with his audience.

The Married Life of Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr and Gina Capitani

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr and Gina Capitani were married for many years, and their union produced four children: Theo Von, an elder brother, and two sisters. Roland and Gina were both born in Nicaragua but moved to the United States in 1922. They eventually settled in Covington, Louisiana, where they raised their family.

Gina was born in Nicaragua and was a homemaker. She raised her four children and was present at family gatherings and celebrations. She is still alive and living in Covington, Louisiana.

Late Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr wife Gina Capitani with their son Theo Von.  SOURCE: Instagram

Theo Von has spoken fondly of his parents and has opened up about his family in his comedy shows. He has revealed that he was legally emancipated at 14 and that he felt he didn't get the chance to know his father very well before his death.

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr and Gina Capitani had a long and happy marriage, and their union produced four wonderful children. They were a loving couple who raised their family in Covington, Louisiana, and their legacy lives on through their children.

What Is Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. Net Worth?

The net worth of Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. is unknown, as he passed away before his son's career began. However, Theo Von has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand and an annual salary of 100 thousand. He has achieved this through his stand-up comedy series and podcasts.

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. was 70 years old when his son Theo Von was born. In his Netflix special Regular People, Theo Von opened up about his father's age, saying: “My father was 70 when I was born, and he was born in 1910, which is kind of crazy.”

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. became the owner of Tipitina's nightclub in 1996. He was the club's longest owner and helped restore the Orpheum Theater after Hurricane Katrina. He sold Tipitina's to the funk band Galactic in the months before his death.

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. was a philanthropist who founded the Tipitina's Foundation, which put instruments into the hands of thousands of young musicians. In 2015, he and his wife Mary were given OffBeat Magazine's Best of the Beat award for lifetime achievement in the music business.


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