Rodger Corser of ‘Doctor Doctor’ gives an exclusive interview on Logie 2017

Rodger Corser is the name. Remember this!

The 44 years old Australian actor kick started his glorious career starring in nine network’s crime series ‘Underbelly’. The glory came to his hand from the series.


He is up for the 2016 Logie Awards. With a splendid performance in Doctor Doctor, he is likely to grab some awards. Talking to a celebrated magazine of Australia Popsugar, Rodger Corser spoke out his view and feelings for the award show.


Here is a Q&A session with the one and only Rodger Corser.

Rodger Corser: Oh it's just a bunch of fun! The show's [Doctor Doctor] nominated for six awards. So it's good, I haven't seen some of the cast since we stopped filming, and we're about to start filming in about three weeks’ time, so it's just a good catch up.

PS: Everyone seems to just love having a good night together.

RC: Yeah, the problem is there are cameras on!

PS: Do you get nervous being up for all these awards?

RC: Well I've never been up for anything before, so it's all very new to me. I've been up for shows, I've been up for things I've been in.


PS: The Gold Logie is a bit different!

RC: Yeah, it's a bit weird! It's very strange, I thought I'd whiz past this red carpet in about two minutes flat, but it's taken about 45 minutes! But no, it's fine, it's going to be a great night.

PS: And win or lose, all good?

RC: Well even to be nominated is new and different for me, so it's great.

PS: What's this year got in store for you?

RC: We'll go straight into Doctor Doctor, we just finished filming season two of Glitch, which is now picked up by Netflix USA. That will be out later in the year sometime and also on ABC, so there are a few shows out at the end of the year.


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Rodger Corser is an Australian actor, well known for his role character of Detective Senior Sergeant....