Robert Downey Sr.

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Robert John Downey Sr. is an underground filmmaker and director of American nationality who has been known to have been the writer of cult cla s sics like Putney Swope and many more. He is the father of the legendary actor Robert Downey Jr. and had been actively involved in the acting fraternity from 1953 to 2013. He was bon as Robert John Elias Jr. on the 24th of June, 1936 to parents Elizabeth and Robert Elias Sr.

Robert was born in New York City and started his career initially by making basement budget, independent films. His work in late 1960’s has been widely appreciated by film critics all around the world. he then worked with film editor Fred von Bernewitz according to his bio and then started writing low budget films that gained a huge number of underground fan following. His big budget filmmaking started with the hit movie named Greaser’s Palace which was released on 1972. He then made the most recent film named Rittenhouse Square, on 2005, which is a doc u mentary related to the Philadelphia Park.

His films usually revolved around family affairs and his other film credits include making the movies like Chafed Elbows, Pound, The American Road, Babo 73, Sweet Smell of Sex, Putney Swope, Sticks and Bones, Up the Academy, The Gong Show Movie, The Twilight Zone, Matlock, Rented Lips, 1st and Teen, MAGNOLIA, The Family Man, Rittenhouse and many more.

The personal life of Robert Sr. is as well discussed as his professional life is. It has been known that he has been married three times. He married the legendary actress Elsie Ann Downey first. She has appeared in four of his films and that’s how he met her when he was young and started dating her. The affair turned into marriage and the couple got married soon after. They have two children together. Their first daughter is actress Allyson Downey and their second child is the legendary actor Robert Downey Jr. the marriage ended with a divorce that took place on 1975, after which he got married to another actress Laura Ernst. Laura and Downey were together until her death on 1994. She died from Lou Gehrig’s disease. He then married his third wife Rosemary Rogers on 1998. His spouse is the author of the Random House bestseller named Saints Preserve Us. She has also written several other books and the couple lives together in New York City.

Robert has had a successful life and has managed to earn a net worth of 10 million dollars, which speaks volumes about his salary. He has a height of 6 feet 3 inches but is weight is not available. He has retired from acting but his contributions shall surely be remembered for a long time to come.

by Bchrome, 01 Apr, 2016

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