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Rima Maktabi was born on 4th of July, 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon. Her childhood was very difficult because she grew up during the Lebanese Civil War. The civil war lasted from the year 1975 to 1990. It must have been a very difficult experience for her to get raised during such state of war where peace of a country is totally disturbed. However, she got raised up safe there.

Career and path

Rima Maktabi joined Lebanese American University in Beirut to receive the education. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and a master’s degree in International Affairs from there. Her career took off at the early age of 18 when she had not even completed her university education.

Rima Maktabi's  TV career began with Lebanon’s Future TV. She was a game host and a weather presenter there for almost ten long years. Since 2005, she started to present prime-time news for Al Arabiya. She continued to work for Al Arabiya until July 2010.  The turning point of her career was the year 2006 when she covered the 2006 Lebanon war. In April 2010, she got the golden opportunity to join CNN. Rima worked as the host for CNN’s Inside the Middle East. She covered Arab culture and news then. In the year 2012, she announced her return to Al Arabiya from CNN.

Rima Maktabi has received a number of awards for her brave work of providing the coverage on the Israeli and Lebanese war in the year 2006. It lasted from July to September 2006. Although Rima Maktabi was a rookie journalist for Al Arabiya, she was able to get exclusive coverage of the war. The award was given to her from the Lebanese American University in Beirut and the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Foundation in Dubai.

Marriage and personal life

Rima Maktabi has not married yet. Maybe she is too busy to go for a date or have a boyfriend. Not any rumors have been heard about her love affairs. She is always very busy with her work that she can hardly manage time for these things. She may soon find the one she is waiting for. The other reason might be that she doesn’t want rest of the world to know about her personal life.

Fact, bio, and height

Rima Maktabi stands with a fit body and a medium height. Her net worth is estimated to be high, acc u mulated from her salary as an anchor who is very brave and active. 

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