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Ricky Martin is known with his full birth name as Enrique Martin Morales. Ricky was born in December 24, 1971 and he is now 44 years old currently running by his age. Ricky’s birth place is in San Juan, Puerto Rico and occupationally from the year 1985 till the present time he is working as a singer, actor as well as author by his profession across the television. Ricky is belonging from Puerto Rican nationality as well as he is follower of the religion Universalism. From the early age of 12 he was interested and got influenced working upon this industry. His mother was an accountant whose name is Nereida Morales as well as his father was professionally a psychologist whose name is Enrique Martin Negroni. Later on his father and mother got separated with their mutual understanding and his much of the childhood times was spent under the supervision of his grandparents since, their home was nearby.

During his early times he was highly influenced with the groups like Led Zeppelin and Journey he also used to interpreted songs into the English language and his mother also used to help him. His grandparents encouraged him to write therefore he started writing songs and poem. Later in the year 1984 he became the part of small group named as Puerto Rican boy ban Menudo where he got the membership. During the audition time the executives within the bank mostly enjoyed his performances as well as his dance and singing styles that gave him a pa s s to enter into the band as a member. But according to him for the very first time he was rejected being too short but later they selected him. From here his professional bio of career in musical industry started with journey of success into his life.

Ricky belongs from Roman Catholic background since his most of the childhood times was spent within it. He is very religious and has faith within it. He is also called out by his nick name as KIKI and his trademark is Instinctive up-arms. Ricky is pure vegetarian and his affair with Rebecca de Alba was the news within the town. Rebecca earning good amount of net worth and salary was Mexican TV host. It was on an off affair for 14 year. There is no any story of them getting married but it is now mentioned that he is a father of 2 children who are twin named as Matteo and Valentino who was born from a surrogate mother. He is now happy with his spouse and within one of the interview he mentioned that he is very proud to declare that he is h 0sexual and he does not need to answer the media whether he is gay or not all the time and it’s his personal matter of interest.

by Bchrome, 04 Feb, 2016

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