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Rick Santelli is an editor of the CNBC Business News Network. Reporting primarily from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade Rick joined CNBC as an on-air editor during 1999.

Santelli was formerly the vice president of an institutional trading and a hedge fund account for a future related goods and products. He is a regular contributor to CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

Early Life and Education

Rick Santelli was born on January 12, 1953, in Chicago, U.S. He is the grandson of four Italian immigrants. At the age of six, he moved to Lombard, Illinois with his family members. He holds an American nationality and belongs to Italian ethnicity.

Rick joined Willowbrook High school in Villa Park and then attended the University of Illinois where he completed his graduation in science. He was a member of both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.


Santelli started his career in the year 1979 as a trader and order-filler at Chicago Mercantile Exchange in different markets including gold, lumber, foreign currencies, and livestock.

 Rick’s job was to keep the order and entered it via Telex machines in order to arrange it according to the price and he also used to interface with the customers.

Rick gained experience and worked as vice president of Institutional features. He felt that the financial industry was changing in a way so he accepted a full-time job with CNBC to benefit his family members.

Santelli’s Tea Party

Rick Santelli and the traders on the floor of the CME Group expressed the outrage about the bailouts forced taxpayers to pay for their neighbor’s mortgage especially if they bought a house that they could not actually afford.

Rick also declared that the Americans need a new kind of tea party so that citizens can express their feelings with the support of the government’s fiscal irresponsibility.

Personal Life

Santelli has an affair with  Terri Santelli to whom he married and recently he lives with his wife along with three daughters at Chicago’s Western suburbs. 

Rick has around 20k followers on his Twitter account with zero posts. From these, it is clear that he is seen less active on social medias. He is one of the wealthy man and smartest in the trading industry. He likes to keep in touch with his family so he is not seen active on any social medias.

Net Worth

A 64-years old, Rick Santelli is one of the few highest paid reporters in the industry. His property includes a house which he bought recently. Rick loves driving a fancy car.

Rick’s net worth is estimated as $6 million while his salary from CNBC is in thousands of dollars annually which includes bonuses and incentives. TV and Investment are his main source of income.

by Bchrome, 12 Jul, 2017

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