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Cuban-American journalist Rick Sanchez works as a Fox News contributor, a columnist for Fox News Latino, and a correspondent for Spanish language network Mundo Fox.

He hosted his own show Rick's List and served as a contributor to Anderson Cooper 360° and CNN International on CNN. He was fired from CNN on October 1, 2010, following controversial remarks he made on a radio program.

Sanchez is married to Suzanne. Sanchez and his wife, Suzanne, have three sons and one daughter: Ricky Jr.; Robby; Remmington; and Savannah.

Early Life And Education Of Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez was born in 2nd of July in the year of 1958 in Cuba. He is working as a Journalist. His real name is Ricardo LeónSánchez de Reinaldo. He started his schooling from Mae M. Walters Elementary School and then in Henry Filer Middle School.

Later he got his graduation from Hialeah High School. He was given a football scholarship in Minnesota State University Moorhead and got transferred from these to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and got certified for bachelor in Journalism as well.

Although he was born in Guanabacoa in Cuba he grew up in Hialeah IN Florida. He explained once remembering his childhood “I grew up not speaking English, dealing with real prejudice every day as a kid; watching my dad work in a factory, wash dishes, drive a truck, get spit on. I've been told that I can't do certain things in life simply because I was a Hispanic”.

Rick Sanchez's Career

His first job in media was at WCCO’s satellite station. Later he was hired at WSVN and later was hired as an anchor. In 2003 he hosted a local show and also anchored till he joined CNN in 2004.  Eight months he anchored Out in the open in CNN.

Later in 2010, he started to host his own 2-hour show Rick’s List where he invited viewers to share their views via social media like Facebook, Twitter.

Later in 2012, he joined Fox News. He was once fired from CNN in 2010 as his comment while in an interview mentioned as If Jews controlled CNN. He also made an open apology for his several controversial talks. He made his apology on God Morning America. He always argued about the discriminations that existed in Cable news as he explained.

Later in 2011 he also started his job as a radio announcer for Florida International University. In 2012 despite several controversies, he returned back to cable news as a columnist on Fox News. He is a journalist and T.V Reporter and thus He is most of the times seen in a very formal and disciplined. He has not been captured off-screen most of the times . 

Rick Sanchez's Net Worth And Salary

His Net Worth is about $11 billion USD but there has been no information about his Salary yet. But he is expected to take Salary enough to accommodate his life. He has already achieved a new height in the field of journalism and He is expected to raise more with his dedication, expertise and hard work. He is always appreciated by his fans and by his co-workers.

Although Rick hasn’t won much of the award during his career He has obviously won hearts of lots of fans and audiences during his career. He has a large number of fan followers as well. He can be followed in twitter as well as on Facebook. 

Rick Sanchez's Personal Life

He is sharing a happily married life with his long term relationship girlfriend Suzanne .Rick have 4 children in total. He has 3 sons and a daughter. His son name is Ricky Jr, Robby and Remingtonn while his only daughter is named as Savannah.

Rick is a tall guy of height  6’11”.He is already 55 years old by the end of 2013. He is Cubanian Citizen with Cuban-American Ethnicity.

Although he is seen very much focused in his work and has always produced quality work with his dedication he has not yet received much awards or a special recognition in any of a popular program. The only award he won was Emmy Award in 1983for the series titled When I left Cuba. He has always won the hearts of many people with his amazing working quality in media as a journalist and reporter.

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