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Author and promoter of conservation therapy Richard A. Cohen is a man of American nationality who is the president of the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays. He is a billionaire who also founded the International Healing Foundation and has promoted his theories regarding the change in sexual orientation for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender i.e. the LGBT community. He was born on 1952 and lived with a gay identity as a youth.

Richard obtained his education from the Boston University and became an evangelical Christian. He has childhood issues that led him to have h 0sexual feelings and he later transitioned into heterosexuality. He also remained a celibate for long periods as a youth and underwent psychotherapy to deal with his issues.

As a career, Rick helps people counsel and turn into heterosexuality from their h 0sexual needs. While several health organizations have disputed his claims that’s sexuality can be changed through counseling, he deals with people having unwanted same- sex attraction. His foundation International Healing Foundation offers coaching, psychotherapy and other such cla s ses to help people transition to heterosexuality if they suffer from unwanted same sex attraction. He is also the owner of C&S, the largest grocery wholesaler in the world.

Rick has been banned from the American Counseling Association and he has been involved in controversies from the American Psychological Association which claims that there is no conclusive evidence that sexual orientation can be changed through the means of counseling. They have stated that Rick is an attempt to mischaracterize h 0sexuality.

As far as his personal life is concerned, it has been known that he struggled with h 0sexuality issues as youth and even remained celibate for long periods of time. However, he later underwent a self-therapy and converted into a heterosexual. He got married to a South Korean woman called Jae Sook on 1982. They got married after they met through church leader Sun Myung Moon. He states that the first three years of his marriage to Sun went by undergoing psychotherapy. He could not get the needed help and he was dating a boyfriend from New York at the time. Later however, he resurfaced and underwent therapy to come out from being a gay. Now, he has three children with his spouse. He is not rumored to be an affair with anyone else.

Richard is the owner of a foundation and also a grocery supplier. So he has acc u mulated a net worth of a whopping 11.2 billion dollars and is a billionaire. His actual salary however is not known.  He has a height of 6 feet.

As a supporter of LGBT and due to his controversial ideas about the LGBT community, information about his is searched widely over the internet.

by Bchrome, 08 Jan, 2016

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