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Rhea Jo Perlman or Rhea Perlman (born on March 31, 1948) is an actress of America. She is 5’ (feet) tall. She is a producer of a television show "Cheers" (1982), "Matilda" (1986) and "Sessions" (2012). She began her career in acting in 1972 when she played a small role in a movie "The hot dogs for Gauguin". In the same year she appeared in 'Westbeth Playwrights Feminist Collective's' production of Up.

Regarding her career, she began acting with many appearances on TV shows, films and short films. Her one of the memorable part on the TV roles was a role on a show Taxi, played by Danny Devito which was very popular on those days. In1982 she played a role in her show "Cheers". She has Emmy awards four times, in 1984, 1985, and 1986 and in 1989. She was nominated for Golden Globe six times. During her career in Cheers, she was nominated for an Emmy every year but in 1992 she became the star to have the most wins and nominations. She have also played a role in the famous TV show "The Simpsons" (1989). 

Her roles in the movies include 'There goes the Neighborhood' (1992), Canadian bacon (1995), Carpool (1996), Sunset Park (1996) and Matilda (1996). She also played a cameo in the film, "Ten times or less" in 2006 and also starred in a film Love Comes Lately in 2007.

She starred later in the 1996 sitcom as a role character and was featured in the 2001 TV drama Kate Brasher. She also appeared in a 2000 television film “How to marry a billionaire”. She also played various roles in other movies such as “Secret cutting”, “Boeing Boeing” and “The Christmas Choir”. She had a guest appearance mitten in one episode of Wilfred.

Perlman is also an author of a book series “Otto undercover”  whose six books till date are ‘Born to drive’, ‘Canyon catastrophe’, ‘Water Balloon doom’, ‘Toxic taffy takeover’, ‘Brink of the ex-stink-tion and ‘Brain Freeze’.

Perlman, in her career, met an actor Danny Devito n 17th January 1971. They became close to each other and moved in together two weeks after the meeting.  They married on January 28 1982.They have 3 children named: Lucy Chet Devito (born march 1983), Grace Fan Devito (born march 1985) and Jacob Daniel Devito (born march 1987). They have acted each other through their relationship, which includes the TV show ‘Taxi’ and feature of the film ‘Matilda’. Devito and Perlman separated in October 2012 due to some reasons. Their love died after 30 years of their marriage. However they called off their separation in March 2013. She is having a very nice time with her children and her partner Devito. She is 66 years old and is not dead.  However, the rumors were spread about her death which created a huge tension among her fans and her loved ones.

Perlman now lives in Beverly hills, California with her family and also spends time at their vacation home which is located at Interlaken, New Jersey.

by guneet, 26 Jun, 2014

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