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Reno Wilson real name is Roy “Reno” Wilson who was born in January 20, 1969. This 47 years old man was born in Brooklyn, New York City holding American nationality. The ethnicity background of Reno is black and he is working as a voice actor as well as comedian from the past 1988 till the present phase across the industry. Reno is remembered with his performance in The Cosby Show and within there he presented himself with the character as Howard which was appreciated by his fans from all across the world. He has also been a part of television and films by giving his character voices according to the necessity being as transformers. Reno is now living in Los Angeles along with his family. His father and mother was divorce in his early age and he was brought up under the supervision of his elder sister.

Reno started his career working with the minor roles across the television and films. He had his very first debut within The Cosby Show which was the popular television program in NBC’s. Later he also worked within mike and Molly with holding as a major cast member in a CBS sitcom. Reno also became a part in prison Break and there he made his absolute entry. Reno is along with this also started his performance as a voice actor and his voice in Frenzy is among the best workings of him. Kill Speed according to him is the best film he ever did within the year 2010 with the character as Kyle Jackson during the very time.

Reno is the father of 2 children and he is having a happy family along with his spouse with whom he got married with. The name of his girlfriend whom he got married after a long affair and now claims for spouse is Coco Fausone. Reno bio has no any divorce status and he is having a healthy and wealthy family in Los Angeles. Reno is also planning to gift his spouse a diamond ring in their upcoming marriage anniversary and they promised they will never get separated from each other ever in their life. Reno is very adventurous person and he loves trying new and unique things in his life. He is totally dedicated towards his spouse and he is a responsible father of his children. Reno has never been any part of rumor and controversy yet and he is also not a gay at all. Reno loves making internal decoration and changes in the house in his free time.

Reno height is 6 feet 1 inches in tall and his weight looking to the pictures seems totally managed with his height. Reno career also elaborated his salary and net worth which is amazing to hear among his fans. His net worth is 1 million dollars. 

by Bchrome, 06 Mar, 2016

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