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Reed Timmer is a well-known figure in the American television industry. He is a storm chaser and meteorologist from Grand Rapids, Michigan in the US. Raised in Grand Rapids itself Reed Timmer was not only good at studies but also very pa s sionate about sports. As a child, he has a deep interest in sports and other extracurricular activities in the school days.

Early Life And Career Of Reed Timmer 

Born on March 17 in 1980,  Today he is one of the successful storm chasers of all the times, this has been possible as he was a keen interest in weather from his childhood days. His fans are all over the world, and is so flattered by his way of delivering the weather news about nature and storms. So he is successful meteorologist.

He is a very private person, therefore, he likes to keep his personal life and professional life apart from each other. He says that his childhood was so awesome and he remembers most of it. But nothing about his parents has been mentioned in any of his bio sites and in wikis.

He has gone through natural disasters like extreme storm and snow and many other weather calamities. Because of it he has become obsessed with the weather. And eventually, he decided to pursue the related career. During the process, he also moved to Oklahoma where he attended the University of Oklahoma. In the year 1997, he graduated with the bachelor's degree in meteorology from the university.

He is the winner of Science Olympiad of the year 1996 and has a degree of BS and MS in Meteorology. Not only this he is the candidate of the Ph.D. as well. Starting his career chasing the storm with his cameras, he has been very pa s sionate towards his work. He used to make weather videos.

This was his way of living in the starting period but later on, it turns out to be his regular job. He shows his live videos with his team from the TVN. Because of his videos he has numerous viewers in such a short duration of time.

Timmer is currently 34 years old but still looks very young and energetic. Such a person has seen death very closely yet he is very lively. He is a combination of bravery and gentleness. He has manipulated the viewers simply with his communication skills.

Reed Timmer's Net Worth

He has a sexy and seductive body with beautiful eyes. He has average kind of height. With all those qualities and fan following he must have the good net worth and his salary is also said to have been quite impressive.

There are numbers of people around the world who gets motivated through him and his videos. He has been successful in becoming role models for most of the youngsters.

Reed Timmer's Personal Life 

Moving on to his personal life relationships, he has been linked with many other renowned celebrities. One of them is said to have been Jene young. People were suspecting him to be dating her. But the truth was that he was so in love with Ginger Zee.

With the girlfriend ginger zee, he has been seriously involved till now. But they are not married yet and Zee is just his girlfriend and yet to become his wife. Nothing much can be found in his private life on the internet.

Other detailed information about Reed Timmer bio can be found on the wiki and other networking sites. His fans can follow him on twitter and get updates from him by his tweets. He is also active on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from that his shirtless pictures can also be downloaded from the internet.  More information about him can be found in IMBD as well.

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