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Rashida Leah Jones was born in February 25, 1976 and she is now known with her professional name as Rashida Jones who is 40 years old in her age. Rashida birth place is located in Los Angeles, California and she is an author by her original profession but additionally he is also a film producer as well as screenwriter belonging into her professional identity. Rashida career was originally started from the year 1997 and within today her position is in the higher position within the industry. Mostly, people remember Rashida because of her playing in the top ranked shows like Parks and Recreation with his a comedy show on NBC and she was mentioned with the name of the character as Ann Perkins. Rashida also played in I Love You, Man within the year 2009 with her excellent role. Rashida mother was also an actress during her time whose name is Peggy Lipton. Additionally her father was also musician and record producer whose name is Quincy Jones.

Rashida background belongs from mixed ancestry as well as father holding African-American belonging. His ancestry highly belongs to English and Welsh. Rashida acting debut was from her working in The Last Don that came across in the year 1997. Additionally was a part of Mario Puzo. Rashida also was an apart of Myth America and additionally he also portrayed in the role of Louisa Fenn and the name of the series is Boston Public. This also led her to get nominated in NAACP Image Award and get nominated into it. Her career success according to her is all credit to her beloved mother.

Rashida in her earlier times had an affair with Tobey Maguire who is also an actor by his professional time but they ended their relationship in 2000 with running for more than 2 years. Later, Rashida started her dating with Mark Ronson and they officially had their engagement in February 2003. According to Rashida she was purposed by him in her 27th birthday. After the one year of proposal they got separated and she started her affair again with Jon Favreau. Later, Jon became the speechwriting for the current president of United States whose name is Barack Obama. Rashida nick name is Rash and Rashi whose trademark is often appearance in the movies with collaboration and working with Jason Segel as well as Paul Rudd. Rashida is not mentioned of being married or having any spouse and children, even not any rumors for this regard looking to her bio by now. 

Rashida height is 5 feet 4 inches in tall and her body is slim in nature perfectly managed. Her career has also made her to describe salary and the present status of net worth is calculated to be around 5 million American dollars in the year 2016.

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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