Rajesh Hamal Marriage, Wife

Rajesh Hamal is a married man now. He got married to Madhu Bhattarai on 24th May 2014. The marriage ritual was held in Annapurna Hotel. In the marriage ceremony, Rajesh Hamal and Madhu had invited only their family and relatives. The marriage reception took place in the Shankar Hotel where the reputed personalities and celebrities were invited which includes the political leaders, Prime minister of Nepal as well.  Four days later after the wedding, Rajesh Hamal had gone to Australia for his work. He stayed there for 28 days. Soon after the return, the couple went to Pokhara for their honeymoon.

After all those rumors and gossips, finally, Rajesh Hamal revealed he is in relationship. He had kept the low profile on his relationship so people were who the girl is, what is her name and how she looks? But Rajesh Hamal revealed her name in a ma s s in front of media and proposed his long time girlfriend at the same time. Dressed in blue sari, the apple of Rajesh Hamal’s eye was Madhu Bhattarai. He proposed her for marriage where during that time and gave her the jewellery set that belonged to his late mother. Rajesh Hamal also revealed the media that they had met in the Hyatt Regency for the first time and shared their contact number.  The incident had happened nine years ago. Madhu Bhattarai had come to participate in a beauty contest that time where Rajesh Hamal was one of the judges. She had been the choice of Rajesh Hamal for the contest though she could not deliver the satisfactory answer to the question what she was asked in the contest missing to win the title. But what Madhu got was the visiting card of the Rajesh Hamal and she happened to call him right before his birthday. According to both of them, that visiting card and that phone call had been the base to start the relation. Soon afterwards, they met and began to date.

There always had been the question in Nepali film industry and his fans, when will Rajesh Hamal get married? Finally making end to all those queries for the country's most eleigible bachelor, Rajesh Hamal aged 50 has married to a 28 year old Madhu Bhattarai and he is enjoying his happy married life with his wife. Rajesh Hamal is the most regarded and loved celebrity in Nepal. The marriage has been the hot topic in Nepali media. There are lots of pictures in the internet on his marriage, reception and honeymoon trip. 


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