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Rafael Romo was born in United States and was raised in his own birth land. Romo’s other details information relating his birth has not been updated, suck as his dated of birth and place of his birth. According to Romo’s ethnicity he is Latin American and belongs to Latin descent. And Rafael’s nationality is American. And there has been no any updates regarding Romo’s siblings.

Rafael attended Arizona State University and he also earned his bachelor degree in Broadcasting from the same university. In the recent time he was inducted to Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Ma s s Communication.

Romo is currently serving at CNN Worldwide as Senior Latin American Affairs Editor. Romo is Atlanta based reporter and he has also been serving Senior Vice President of international newsgathering in same organization CNN. In current scenario Romo has also been charged with tracking the top stories across Latin America for CNN.

Romo has been fantastic throughout his career, where he has gained 20 years of experience as an anchor and correspondent. And he has also won an Emmy-award. Previously he has also worked as general a s signment reporter for CBS and as an anchor for Univision. Romo has started working in CNN from 2009 and he has covered several events including the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, violent riots after a manhunt for the alleged leader of a drug in Jamaica, arrest of Joran var der Sloot and many more. Romo has also been focusing on modern-day slavery, a special investigation about the human trafficking and ending sexual exploitation. Rafael started his journalism career from KPHX Radio 1480 AM in 1990 has not looked behind. 

Rafael Romo is fantastic journalist with great personality and handful of working experience. Rafael is a talented journalist and he is fluent in English as well as Spanish and has been serving and reporting in both languages. Romo’s sexual orientation is straight. Romo has not updated about his current relational status, Rafael’s might be dating someone or maybe married or he might be single.

Rafael Romo currently lives in United States and Rafael is very silent about his personal life, he has not revealed lot about his past affair and dating. Rafael has been featured several times in TV shows, magazines and newspaper articles. Rafael keeps hobbies of travelling and sports. Rafael Romo has also been active in several social activities and social welfare programs. 

Rafael Romo despites being a famous journalist his salary and net worth has not been updated yet. Romo is an active in several social sites including in Twitter with a followers of around eighteen thousands fans. Romo has also been active in Facebook and Instagram.

by ab-utshav, 25 May, 2016

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