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Rachel Bloom was born with her birth name as Rachel Leah Bloom who was born in April 3, 1987 who is running 28 years old in current time. Rachel birth place is located within Los Angeles, California of United States and she is by her profession working as an actress, comedian as well as a musician. She earned her fame with excessive order with her workings within Crazy Ex-Girlfriends which was CW Series. This also made her to earn with the award as Best Actress within Golden Globe award. Rachel father and mother name is Alan Bloom and Shelli. She belongs from the Jewish background and her nationality falls under American.

Rachel completed her graduation level of education in the year 2009. She completed her graduation from New York’s University Tisch School of the Arts. She holed a degree in BFA Drama and right after the completion of her study she started her career within making her bio stable within the music and entertainment industry. She also worked within the theatre in the early phase of her life and during the year 2010 of April with her writing “F**k Me, Ray Bradbury” which was sung by herself made her to take the step towards the music industry and one after another she started reaching to the pool of success in her life.

Rachel is a married lady and she got married with her boyfriend after a long duration of affair that she proudly states as her spouse who is also a comedian by his profession. The name of Rachel husband is Dan Gregor and the day from when they started their affair and date of them getting married is not mentioned among the media. Rachel is also not so open about her married life more and she has not dictated about the number of children she is having with her less information declared within her personal bio. Bloom also has never seen into any rumor and controversy issues as because there is no any information available about her personal bio but more focused within her career. Rachel loves dancing during her free time and she was very shy in her college days early times. But later with her confidence build up to make up as a successful person in the progressive life of her. Rachel is very flexible in any of the situation that comes into her life and she has a proper handling capacity of it.

Rachel is 5 feet 3 inches tall in her height and she has a very cute age that never seems any aging into her facial structure. More about her career made her salary and net worth of earn with the range of amount thousands of American dollars in today’s time and she is planning to earn more in the near future. 

by Bchrome, 19 Feb, 2016

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