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Rachael MacFarlane was destined to be involved in animations and voice-overs since both her father and brother are in the same field. She debuted in the animation filed by giving voice in the American animated series, Johnny Bravo. Her other famous works include The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Family Guy, Dexter's Laboratory, Codename: Kids Next Down and so on. 

MacFarlane is involved in other fields as well and launched a music album, Hayley Sings concerning her character Hayley Smith in the popular series, American Dad. As of 2018, she is in the animated series American Dad and Family Guy.       

American Born Rachael MacFarlane Belongs To English, Scottish and Irish Ancestry

MacFarlane was born to Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry Sager on March 21, 1976. Her father Ronald is said to have narrated the long Christmas episode of famous animation comedy, Family Guy and the season premiere And Then There Were Fewer. MacFarlane has the ancestry of English, Scottish and Irish and her nationality is American. 

CAPTION: American Born Rachael MacFarlane Belongs To English, Scottish and Irish Ancestry SOURCE:

She has an elder brother named Seth MacFarlane who is the creator and director of famous animated series, Family Guy. 

MacFarlane enrolled in the school of arts in Ma s sachusetts known as Boston Conservatory but did not graduate since she moved to Los Angeles to make her career in voice acting.  

Mother Death

MacFarlane lost her mom Ann Perry Sager to cancer on July 16, 2010. She died after having a long fight with the disease in California with the family around her, and her dad is merely about 72 years of age. 

Rachael MacFarlane's Career

MacFarlane debut in the entertainment industry by giving voice in the (1997-2002) American animated series called Johnny Bravo. She then continued her voice actor journey on cartoon network with popular shows like The Powerpuff Girls, Family Guy, Fillmore!, Samurai Jack, Winx Club, The Tom and Jerry Show, Dexter's Laboratory, Robot Chicken and many more. She even worked for Walt Disney Production. 

Besides animated series, MacFarlane also worked in TV films like Codename: Kids Next Door, Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure, Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas and Underfist: Halloween Bash. Similarly, she gave voice to many video games like Family Guy Video Game!, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Incredible Hulk, Family Guy,  Starcraft and so on. MacFarlane has even recorded an album named Hayley Sings which released on September 25, 2012, with the label Concord Records giving tribute to her character on American Dad!, Hayley Smith. 

She worked as a production manager in the series, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and even wrote an episode for the series. She helped brother Seth with his project Family Guy by giving voice to the characters.

Rachael MacFarlane's Net Worth

MacFarlane's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Her animated series, Family Guy is one of the popular series, and the salary of the cast is between $175000 and $225,000 per episode.  

Here is the list of her movie work which has collected huge amounts in the worldwide collection.

Movie Box Office Collection Production Budget
Ted 2  $216.7 million $68 million
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies $11.03 million N/A
Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas $173 million $33 million

Rachael MacFarlane's Personal Life

The 43 years old, Rachael MacFarlane married a famous animator, Spencer Laudiero in 2008 and the couple shares a blissful relationship, They first met while MacFarlane was working on the animated series, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and a comedy pilot, Welcome to Eltingville. 

They have two daughters named Bella Francesca Laudiero born in November 2009 and Perrin Elizabeth Laudiero in June 2015. 

Together the couple has celebrated ninth years of togetherness and still going very strong. 

Quick Facts

  • Once she uses to live in Wrentham, Ma s sachusetts.
  • Her cousin's brother Tim Mercer has a punk-pop band.

Rachael MacFarlane talks about growing up with brother Seth MacFarlane.

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