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Rachael Harris, whose real name is Rachael Elaine Harris  was born in January 12, 1968. Rachael's birth place is located in Worthington, Ohio of United States and she is 48 years old. By profession, she is an actress as well as comedian who is successful in her working among the American film industry. She started her career from the year 1992. Rachael mother was a beautician and her father was a dermatologist. Her parents’ divorce later after the birth of their last child made her totally sad and she dictates she never had a healthy childhood compared to the other kids of her age. Rachael was grown up by her elder sister and she was 2nd out of 4 children of her parents.

Rachael completed her education with the graduation degree from Worthington High School and additionally she continued her study in Otterbein College which she had in the year 1989. Rachael also did her major in theatre with the Bachelor degree in the subject of Fine Arts. After the education success she started making her performance with specification to comedy where she performed for the very first time in Los Angeles improvisational comedy during the very time. She also became a part of Groundlings school in the very moment. Her performance in Love, Loss and What I Wore is also calculated as a best work undertaken by her. Later, her television performance started in the year 1993 where she was featured in the episodes of SeaQuest DSV in the very time. Her presence in the year 1997 within Star Trek: Voyager is also dictated to be the best outcome of her.

Rachael is happily married with her loved person, Christian Habel and they are together as spouse since April 30, 2015. Additionally, Adam Paul used to be her  boyfriend. Adam and Rachael were married in 24 May 2003 but got divorced in 21 May 2008 due to rumors of Adam about his other love stories. Currently, she is extremely happy with her married life.. Rachael has not mentioned details of children and even her bio has not stated anything about it because of her limelight in her career. Rachel was also having one affair in her high school days.

Rachael height is 5 feet 1 inches tall and looks cute. The current status of her net worth is calculated to be around 2 million American dollars and it is the estimated amount of the starting of year 2016. 

by Bchrome, 29 Mar, 2016

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