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Press Maravich will always be remembered for his contributions and his name is written in the history books. He was born in the year 1915 on 29th of August and sadly he pa s sed away in the year 1987 on 15th of April. He was born in a place called Aliquippa which lies in Pennsylvania of United States of America and he pa s sed away in a place called Covington which lies in Louisiana of United States of America. He was a great coach and he developed amateur players to legendary ones in his career. He was very humble when talked too and always used to carry a smile on his face.

He coached a lot of teams in his career and always took out the best from all of his players. From the year 1949 to the year 1950 he coached a team called West Virginia Wesleyan and his short span at the team was very influential. After that he moved to another team called Davis & Elkins and coached that team from the year 1950 to the year 1952. Later after coaching that team he swapped a deal with Aliquippa HS and started coaching over there. In his career he also coached other teams such as LSU, Appalachian State, NC State and Clemson.

He was a superstar coach but he kept his personal matters very private in his living days. He had one child whose name is Pete Maravich. He kept all the details on his wife and children very private and did not reveal anything. It might be because he wanted to be in the spot light for more his work than his personal life. It really seemed as he was very happy with his family and as he was a real gentleman he always stood for them. It did not seem like he was having any extra marital affairs at his living days and why would he when he had such a wonderful family. He was definitely not gay as he had a child and a happy family in his living days.

A lot of information on him and his interesting biography can be grabbed from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. It does not seem like he was much into social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. He was not much involved in Facebook also in his living days. The main reason behind his death was prostate cancer and it was really difficult last day for him. His condition became so bad that he used to urinate blood. He was very successful in his career and it gave him great earnings and financially sound life. He was a tall man as he had a very impressive height of 6 feet which is around 1.83 meters. His song Pete also died soon after his death.      

by sanjeet, 22 May, 2015

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