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Born and raised in Westminster, London, Poppy Sophia Ridley gained popularity being the elder sister of Daisy Ridley and Kika- Rose Ridley. She is a spiritual healer/ teacher who helped others find their life route and discovered the joy of living for others.    

While Sophia is doing exceptionally well in her professional career, her personal life and relationship have been a bit mysterious. In this article, we will discuss Ridley's professional and personal life. 

Further, we will also talk about her career, earnings, and net worth at present.

Early Life Of Poppy Sophia Ridley 

Poppy Sophia Ridley was born on March 1, 1987, in Westminster, London. She is the elder daughter of Christopher Ridley, a photographer, and Lousie Caroline (née Fawkner-Corbett), a banker. She has two younger sisters, Kika-Rose Ridley, a model, and Daisy Ridley, an English actress. Also, read Maddie Ziegler.

Ridley attended Holland Park Secondary School. After receiving her degree in Sports Science, she worked in the education sector for almost a year. Being an elder daughter, she helped her mother recover health-wise and spiritually, as her mother was emotionally and psychologically affected by the death of Ridley's grandmother. 

Poppy Sophia Ridley's Bio

She is a volunteer and has worked on various projects traveling to many countries. One such travel was to the east coast of Australia in 2014, where she met her future husband, Mark Semmens

After taking Om Chi Reiki classes, she later re-discovered herself and returned revitalized, becoming a spiritual healer/ teacher. She is a Reiki teacher/healer. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where the teacher can route energy to the patient through touch to start a healing process and cure mental and physical well-being.  

Poppy Sophia Ridley is Daisey Ridley's sister.  (Source: Celebilly

Ridley helps others discover the joy of living and teaches them how to survive in a world without much pressure on the inside.            

On the other hand, she is famous as the big sister of Kika-Rose Ridley, a model, and has been featured in major magazines. And Daisy Ridley is an actress known for her role, Rey, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

Poppy Sophia Ridley's Net Worth 

Poppy Sophia Ridley's net worth is not revealed. It is still unknown from which profession or business she is generating the income adding to her net worth. The lady may be enjoying the net worth of her celebrity sister.

On the other hand, her sister Daisy Ridley has been earning a decent amount of money working in the entertainment industry as an actress. Following Wealthy Gorilla, she holds an estimated net worth of $9 million as of 2022.

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Poppy Sophia Ridley's Personal Life 

The lady engaged her longtime boyfriend, Mark Semmens, on December 16, 2017, and resides in Australia with her partner. 

She first met her fiance on the east coast of Australia in 2014. After three years of a love relationship, they got engaged. 

Ridley and her sisters look very much alike and are very close to each other. And both of her sisters have also stated that they cannot stay apart from her.

Is Poppy Sophia Ridley Active on Social Media?

Though there are a few active social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter in his name, she has not officially confirmed that she is the owner of those social media handles. None of the socials are officially verified.

Fans are eager to know about her social media platform and would love to her active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They hope to see her active on digital platforms and interact with them.

Body Measurements

Height- Her height is 5 feet 5 inches (165cm).  

Hobbies- Listening to music, yoga, and playing tennis.

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