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Pooch Hall was born in February 8, 1977 who is running 39 years in age. The real birth name of Pooch Hall is Marion H. “pooch” Hall, Jr. whose birth place is located in Brockton, Ma s sachusetts of United States. Pooch is professionally an actor, model as well as model who are renounced name in television industry. Mostly, he is remembered with his character as Derwin Davis within The Game where his work was mentioned being a football player that came in the year 2011. Pooch was additionally portrayed within Ray Donovan as well where he worked on the role of Dary ll Donovan. Pooch father was working in a workshop and his mother was a homemaker. He stated in an interview that his childhood was not much wealthy as compared to the normal children of his circle.

Pooch became a part of Brockton High School and later he also was announced as a winner in the year 1994 for boxing in Southern New England Golden Gloves for his favorable presentation style. Pooch later worked on his very first testing of acting from University of Ma s sachusetts Dartmouth and there began his official professional career. Pooch started his career with modeling as well as presentations in small and big projects of commercials. Pooch official acting role began from the year 2001 from Lift which was appreciated by his fans and even he got appeared within Blue Hill Avenue in the same year because of his amazing work.

Pooch met his spouse during his university level of education and within the very moment their affair got started. The name of his girlfriend who was stated to be his future spouse is Linda Hall and they met for the very first time in the year 1996. Their rumors of dating in high school time was hitting among their close friends. Pooch is silent about his children and his bio is much focused about his career rather than personal life. Currently, he states of having a stable married life with no complains and demands. Pooch is also even planning to gift his wife with a new car very soon. He is a family person and he has no any extra-marital affair yet. Pooch is very smart and future oriented man who is good in badminton playing. Even he tried to join national level team but he made his pa s sion side and targeted for his professional work indeed. Pooch is the father of 3 children

Pooch height is 6 feet tall and he falls under African-American nationality. Pooch Complexion is very unique and attractive that makes him to look more handsome. The current salary of Pooch is exactly exclusive as well as he is earning adequate amount of net worth. In today’s time his net worth is 3.5 million American dollars in the beginning of the year.

by Bchrome, 29 Mar, 2016

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