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Pontus Rasmusson has established himself as a singer and recording artist who has managed to rise into the heights of fame for appearing in several YouTube videos and Vine videos created by him. This success internet personality has been appreciated widely for his singing skills and was born on the 16th of June, 1998. At the age of 18, he has managed to attract the attention of a huge number of fans around the world, who subscribe to his channel and follow his videos regularly.

Pontus is a recording artist known better as PontusRasmusson in his Vine Channel. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and has been actively involved in the signing fraternity since a very small age. He started singing mostly in talent competitions since a small age, he then chose YouTube has his platform and started gaining popularity there. He started recording his very own songs and has also covered the songs of several singers throughout his singing career. He also opened up his Vine Channel and has been particularly active and liked in the short video channel too.

He has been known best for the famous song cover of What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber. The video has been viewed 10 thousand times.

Rasmusson has been talked about widely in regards to his personal life for the popularity he has attained throughout his career. He has however been very secretive in regards to his personal life. He has never been known to have dated anyone from the internet fraternity or an internet celebrity. He also does not seem to have any girlfriend from outside the celebrity fraternity. He seems to be single and is not focused on having any girlfriend as of now. He is just 18 and is surely focused on enhancing his career rather than on moving along in this romantic life. He has never been talked about any affair. He has not been married. He will surely not have a spouse anytime soon as his age is very less to do so as of now. Rasmusson will be actively involved in enhancing his career now and will have an affair only later it seems.

As far as the salary he earns is to be taken into consideration, it sure seems that the personality earns a huge amount of it due to his popularity in the singing fraternity. He has a huge amount of net worth but the actual amount of it has not been known. Also actively involved on several social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, he has surpa s sed the likes of a huge number of fans from across the world. Pontus has surely managed to become extremely popular in the singing fraternity and will surely release his very new album sooner or later.

by Pradeep, 16 Jun, 2016

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