Piers Morgan Sarcastically Slammed Emma Watson After Her Neutral Gender Speech At MTV Awards

At 2017 MTV movies and TV awards Emma Watson grabbed the best actor award.

 She was appreciated for her role as Belle.


 On receiving the award she expressed her feeling in a speech at the event. She talked about genderless and neutral gender.

She stated, “the first time both men and women have been up for the same award in the award show’s history”.

Hopefully, as the move was something out of the box, there were many waiting to come up with controversies on the topic.

Piers Morgan, on the other hand, wanted a justification to whether this signifies to the end of gender. “Shouldn’t we call anyone male or female? ” said Piers. On his Monday’s program, she came on stating ‘Am I wrong? Is it just me or am I a creaking old dinosaur that doesn’t get it?”


‘Should we ban the word man from life itself? Should nothing anymore be male or female?

‘Little babies just be little babies, no longer boys and girls? Should it all just be ended? Should we end gender as we know it? Is it the end of gender?’ sarcastically said Morgan on ‘Good morning Britain’ 


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