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Paul Zimmer is a YouTube personality. He is known best for his appearance as one-half of the duo known as Exclamation Point.

Early Life, Bio, and Education of Paul Zimmer

He was born on 13th July 1995, in Maryland, the U.S. The group Exclamation Point has been created by this 22-year-old with his childhood friend Danny Edge and this group has been known to YouTuber’s like a great musical duo. His nationality is a s sumed to be American.

Paul’s interest in the field of music started at a very young age and he has been said to sing to his brothers and sisters since a very small age. His interest in music grew more and he started taking singing more seriously at the mere age of 12.

Taking inspiration from Justin Beiber, he started enhancing his singing skills as he grew up and developed a more mature voice with a lot of tenors as he grew up. He pushes limits with his voice to express his love for his family and specifically for his music.

Paul Zimmer's YouTube Career

He teamed up with his childhood friend Danny Edge to form the Exclamation Point which makes music and showcases the final product through YouTube. This duo writes their own songs.

The duo has maintained a longtime friendship to express in the form of pure, blissful music which makes people sway in its tune. The followers of this duo are referred to as Pointers.

Through a well-seen platform of YouTube, this duo has been giving hits and will surely be spotted by producers and other people to professionally make songs real soon.

Paul Zimmer's Net Worth

Paul Zimmer has a net worth around in six dight number. As per some of his net worth is estimated to be around  $500K. The average salary of the YouTuber is $57,200 per year and he might be receiving his salary in the same range. 

Paul Zimmer's Personal Life 

At the mere age of 20, it can be said with certainty that Paul Zimmer has not been married but he is rumored to be in a dating relationship with Tik Tok star, Jamie Rose. The rumor spread after they were seen kissing. However, the couple has not spoken a single word about their relationship.

He must be liked by female fans around the world but there is no information about him having a girlfriend as of net. Even if he has one, no information about his love life has been leaked out into the internet.

Neither has Zimmer come out as gay in front of the media. He hasn’t also been specified as being bisexual. It can thus be said that he might actually have a girlfriend whose details are not known about. His fans sure hope to get more insight into his personal life and so shall be gained real soon as Paul rises more into fame. 

Age, Body Measurements and Other Facts

  • Age: As of 2019, Paul Zimmer is 23 years old. 
  • Birth Sign: Cancer
  • Height: He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall.
  • Weight: His body weight is around 60kg.
  • Body Measurements: The YouTuber has maintained his body physically fit however the actual 

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