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Paul Scheer was born with his birth name as Paul Christian Scheer who was born in January 31, 1976 and currently 40 years old. Paul birth place is located in Huntington, New York of United States and from the year 1998 his identity is mentioned as an actor, producer, writer and comedian within the television industry with the successful entry. Mostly people recognize Paul from his performance in Fresh Off the Boat which is popular ABC sitcom and additionally his performance in The Hotwives is also mentioned as a best work undertaken by him. Paul has also been a part of various films with his supporting roles and some of those hit are Army of One, piranha and Hell and Back. Paul father and mother were running a shoe factory and they were earning high net worth from it therefore, he stated he spent wealthy childhood in his college days.

Paul completed his graduation level of study from St. Anthony’s High School and he took Education and Communication as his major subject after he became a part of New York University. Paul was very good in his education and being as a member Chicago City Limits in the year 1995 he officially started his professional career. Like similar to this he also became a part of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre which was in the year 1998 and also got a s sociated to many groups like Rob Riggle as well as Dannah Feingla s s. Paul along with this also moved to pursue his further career into Los Angeles and this was in the year 2006.

Paul is a married man and the name of his spouse is June Diane Raphael whom he started his affair in the start of 2009 and got married immediately. June belonging to her profession is an actress as well as writer and in first month of the year 2004 they met for the very first time. Since, in the early time they were just good friends with after long duration of closeness they started dating each other. By now being the father of children and spouse of his loving wife he is full responsible towards his family. Paul has a big gap in front of his 2 teeth from where he can be easily recognized. As well as he has no any girlfriends besides his wife running affairs which made him to get less presence in the controversies. Paul is also planning to get a new Bungalow very soon.

Paul height is 5 feet 11 inches and he belongs from White ethnicity background and having American nationality. Paul net worth and salary is also estimated to be satisfactory sum of amount. In the data of 2016 it is calculated to be 1 million American dollars. He is hoping to get some more in the end of the year.

by Bchrome, 31 Mar, 2016

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