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Pablo Schreiber was born with his birth name as Pablo Tell Schreiber who was born in April 26, 1978. This popular American actor was born in Canada and his birth place is in Ymir, British Columbia. But currently, Pablo is living in Los Angeles, California. The active year of this 37 years old superstar started from the year 2001 and with the high success and achievements he is able to get nominated within Emmy award with his character in Orange Is the New Black with the character as George Mendez. Later on he was also awarded with the tony awards with his progressive presentation within Awake and Sing! On Broadway. Though he was born in Canada his parents got shifted within Winlaw when he was just 6 years old at his age. Later due to his work of father this family again got shifted to America. His mother was a Canada body based psychotherapist whose name was Lorraine Reaveley.

At the age of 12 when the family shifted within Washington he started his further education from University of San Francisco. During the very time he also joined to basketball team and was hoping for the best to win the game but later he moved his transferred education to University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pablo got graduated in the year 2000 and he obtained his degree in Theatre and later started his progressive performance in the films like Lords of Dogtown where he got high appreciation from many of the people. His guest character within Law and order is also the remarkable one of his professional career. 

Pablo has shared very limited information about his personal career. His towering height is his trademark and he got divorce from his spouse with whom he got married in the year 2007. The name of his spouse whom he got married after his affair is Jessica Monty and somewhere the rumor is they are still together therefore; there is no any exact and adequate information about their reliability of their relationship. There is no any story of their children as well as much of his information is related with his career in his bio and lesser than his personal bio. Pablo has not indicated any affair by now and he has also not been seen with his spouse therefore there is a big question behind the relationship status of this couple. Pablo is a dog lover and he loves spending time with his pets.

Pablo height is 6 feet 4 inches in tall and his height itself is a symbol of his body presence. Similar to this he is smart enough to collect his net worth and salary which is absolute sum of amount. It is estimated that the net worth earned by Pablo in the year 2016 with the very start is around 2 million American dollars.

by Bchrome, 18 Feb, 2016

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