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Oscar Nunez was born in November 18, 1958 and he is credited being as a Cuban- American actor as well as comedian with his exclusive performances in the television as well as in the films. Oscar working in the entertainment industry as a comedian started from the year 2000 which was continued being as an actor as well. Additionally being as a member of Groundlings him also worked within Oscar Martines as well as in supply accountants with his brilliant workings. Oscar mother was a dentist by her profession and his father was a lawyer. He and Fidel Castro studied in the same school as a cla s s mates and his parents later got a divorce with their internal reasons.

Oscar Nunez completed his further study by joining University of Havana and he was brought up in Cuba during the very time. He also joined Parson School of design for his education and along with this he also studied within Fashion Institute of Technology during the very time. After his completion of his graduation he moved to New York City for his further comedy career and he started making his brilliant performances with his engagement within the Shock of the Funny theatre company and also he got presented with his minor roles in the very first phase. He also was the finalist of ABC Latino Writer project and this was in the year 1999 which he grabbed due to his amazing styles of presentation. Along with this he also had his stand-in within The Man Show with his presence as Adam Carolla.

Oscar got 2 official spouses in his life and he explicitly mentioned it within the public whom he got engaged into the affair zone as his girlfriend mentioning. Oscar got married for the very first time with Clara and mentioned her as his spouse as before she was his affair. Clara and Oscar affair was major news of the market during the very time. Later, the news spread was they got separated and had a divorce. Oscar never dictated his married date and later for the second time he again got into married zone with his other girlfriend after some time of their affair whose name is Ursula Whittaker and they got married in 21 May 2011, looking to the present view, till the present time they are having a very wealthy relationship as a spouse and there is no claim to get a divorce among each other. Oscar is a father of children and taking out all the responsibility.

Oscar height is 5 feet 9 inches in tall and he has maintained his weight with the proper balanced diet food and exercise. Oscar by looking his bio claims his salary is exclusive. According to the present news his actual net worth is estimated to be around 3 million American dollars. 

by Bchrome, 25 Feb, 2016

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