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Noah Nicholas Emmerich was born in February 27, 1965 who is popular with his stage name as Noah Emmerich. He was born in New York City, New York of United States who is currently 50 years old in his age. Occupationally Nicholas is an actor popular from the movies like Love and Sex, The Truman Snow and Cop Land and etc. He has also made his popular performance within the FX series named The Americans from where he collected his high number of fans all across. He is active within Hollywood from the past 1993 and till today with the great success and achievement he is active within this industry. He belongs from Jewish family where his father was working as a business person having his own gallery as an owner.

Nicholas started his beginning of the career from the Television series. He gave his best performance within his first series named NYPD Blue with addition to this series he also made out his best performance in Melrose Place. He also acted within various minor roles upon where she raised his career and fame side by side. Within his presence in beautiful Girls in the year 1996, his official beginning of the career started from where he gathered positive reviews and feedback from the people.

In 2015, he appeared in the television series The American alongside Svetlana Efremova, Matthew Rhys, and Keri Russell.

The personal life of Nicholas is quite different from his professional life. He got married for the very first time in the year 1998 and according to the bio mentioned in wiki it got ended in the year 2003. During the time he got married with Melissa Fitzgerald. She was a successful actress during the time when they got married later they got a huge misunderstanding and got divorce in their relationship. Right after the end of his first married relation he again got married with his girlfriend after a very long affair in the year 2014, April 26. During the time he got married with Mary Regency who was also a popular actress and producer at the same time. They are living a happy married life now with the less conflict for the divorce. 

Nicholas is 6 feet 3 inch tall in his height with the great net worth at salary. According to some of the sources his net worth is around 3 million American dollars in the present year 2015 that is increasing in order than the previous years. His weight is managed as according to his height.

Nicholas is a popular face among the social media sites. He is often viewed by his fans all across his personal account that has been within the social networking likes Twitter and Instagram. He is a popular user of Twitter account where he has high number of fan following from all across. His posts and tweets are often likes and shared by his fans.

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