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Nina Kouprianova is a Russian-Canadian writer who rose to fame following her marriage to the white supremacist Richard B. Spencer. The writer has had a complicated life because of her husband's controversial political views followed by public criticisms. Despite the difficult situations, Kouprianova is happily married to her husband so far. As a writer, Kouprianova translated the popular book Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning by Alexander Dugin.            

Age And Family Of Nina Kouprianova

As per some online sources, Nina Kouprianova was born on 19 October 1988 in Moscow Russia. Later, she moved to Canada along with her family as a result of the brain-drain immigration wave of the mid-1990s. Her parents were a scientist. The details of her parents and siblings are not revealed. 

As far as her nationality is concerned, Nina is a Russian and ethnicity wise, she is from a mixed ethnical background. Despite being a Russian, she is fluent in English as she studied English in her school.  

Regarding education, she has done a Ph.D. in History from the University of Toronto. 

Nina Kouprianova's Career

Nina Kouprianova rose to fame after her marriage to the white supremacist Richard B Spencer. She holds different political views than that of her husband and describes herself as an independent political analyst. 

The Russian-Canadian writer Kouprianova is also known for her books. She translated several works of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. Kouprianova notably translated Dugin's Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning.   

CAPTION: Nina Kouprianova SOURCE: From Nina Kouprianova's Instagram

Her books have been published by her husband Spencer's publishing company Washington Summit Publishers. Prior to all, Nina is also a graphic designer. 

Besides being a translator, she is a photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature of plcesas such as Japan and Russia. Her Instagram wall is filled with beautiful pictures of nature and animal. She has also launched the page named GoFundMe just to foot her divorce bill.

Nina Kouprianova's Net Worth

Nina Kouprianova has had a pretty decorative career. Since she prefers a low key personal life, there are no reports regarding her net worth. The writer must be earning a decent amount of money from her career. 

According to several media reports, Kouprianova's husband Richard Spenser has a whopping net worth $185 million. He is earning an incredible amount of money from his stock investments, cotton, and corn farm and various endorsements.

Nina Kouprianova's Personal Life And Relationship

Kouprianova is happily married to Richard Spencer for years now. Spencer is a white supremacist and actively engaged in several political activities. Kouprianova and Spenser first met back in 2009. Shortly after the two developed a romantic relationship as they shared similar political values.    

After sometimes of dating the couple walked down the aisle. The two are parents of a daughter. Currently, Kouprianova resides in Whitefish, Montana with her husband and daughter.

Back in 2016, the two were briefly separated from one another because of political tension. However, the two got back together and so far, were living a happy family life.   

It was also reported that Nina had filed for divorce in October 2018 citing domestic violence as the reason behind her divorce filing. According to court paper, she accused him of being  "physically, verbally and emotionally abusive". 



Kouprianova admitted her family became the victim of witch hunts as her husband Spencer is a white supremacist and he had been frequently criticized for his political views.

Her grandfather was forced to live in the Soviet Union because of the attacks. 

Having grown up in the Soviet Union, I am particularly sensitive to such witch hunts. They bring up painful ancestral memories. In the 1930s, a number of my family members had perished in the Stalinist system. One of them was my great-grandfather, a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church. As a community leader, he was seen as a threat to the new atheist government. My great-grandfather refused to publicly deny the existence of God, and local Communist authorities imprisoned him.

Kouprianova is outspoken about her husband and his political views. According to her, Spencer is being misrepresented by the establishment media the same way they do in Syria and Iraq. 

As of 2019, Nina has over 1.5 k followers on her Instagram account. She is an avid animal lover especially she has a great attachment for the dog and has a pet dog. Her Instagram account is full of animal's pictures. She also loves to go out to beautiful destinations. She is also active on a Facebook account with a few followers. She has over 25.2k followers on her Twitter account. 

Nina Kouprianova's Body Measurement

  • Nina Kouprianova's height: she has a perfect height and body shape
  • Hair Color: Black 
  • Eye Color: Black 
  • Age: 19 October 1988  (30 years)
  • Nationality: Russian-Canadian
  • Ethnicity: Mixed ethnical background.
  • She is the support of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.
  • After being connected with her husband, most of the people called her "Russian mail-order bride".

Here's a video of Nina Kouprianova.

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