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Nikki Ferrell was born on 10th of January 1987 in Kearney, Missouri, United States of America. She was born to her father, Thomas Ferrell, and her mother, Sue Ferrell. She was raised by her parents with lots of compa s sion and care. She has been prioritizing her family above everything since her childhood. She was interested in modeling since her childhood and always wanted to be a model.

Career and path

Nikki Ferrell is a pediatric nurse at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansa City, Missouri, US. She studied nursing at Metropolitan Community College after her graduation from Kearney High School. She was not much popular as a nurse but her life changed after she appeared on the 18th season of American TV reality show The Bachelor.

She appeared as one of the competitors for Juan Pablo. She won the show as she was finally chosen by Juan Pablo. However, the former footballer opted not to propose Nikki Ferrell. After she became the winner of the show, the toll of her fan following started to increase dramatically. Her dream job was to be a model and she now does modeling for various beautiful wedding magazines.

Marriage and personal life

Nikki Ferrell was one of the women competing for Juan Pablo on the 18th season of the American TV reality shows The Bachelor. She had already met Juan Pablo’s family before the hometown dates. Eventually, she was chosen by Pablo. But, Juan Pablo opted not to propose her.

Later, she said that she split from Juan Pablo Galavis. She told that she did so because she played second fiddle to everything else in Pablo’s life. Nikki Ferrell revealed that Juan Pablo had made her clear that he was in love with her when it was too late. She has not married yet. It would not be difficult at all for a beautiful and talented girl like Nikki Ferrell to have a boyfriend.  No rumors of her affair have been heard after the Juan Pablo incident. She has not even married yet. She might be waiting for the right guy who would fearlessly propose her and not hide feelings as Juan Pablo did.

Fact, bio, and height

Nikki Ferrell stands tall and beautiful with the height of five feet and nine inches. Her net worth is estimated to be high acc u mulated from her work as a model and a pediatric nurse. She has four tattoos on her body. As a pet, she has chosen a dog to be her companion. She likes “drunk dancing”. She has a huge fan following on twitter.

by Bchrome, 24 Jan, 2017

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