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Nicholas Owen original name is Nicholas David Arundel Owen, born in 10 February 1947. He is 69 in age whose birth place is London England. Owen is affiliate within BBC where he is working as presenter and also a s sociated within BBC One. His father name is Tom and mother name is Edna. Because of his family business he moved to Kingwood Surrey while he was a child. He was living there with his family in Redhill and area across Reigate. He spent his childhood in wealthy way since, his father permanently resided over there. Owen mother died when he was 8 in age and the reason behind her death was rheumatic fever therefore he was raised up by his father in later time.

Owen started studying in boarding school called The Beacon School. It was comprehensive Academy school and later it turned its name as Banstead County Secondary School. Later on he also joined to Nork Park County Secondary School which was in the year 1963. After some year with the completion of his education he started his career in the subject of journalism during the age of 17. This was in 1964 while he started working in Surrey Mirror. He also became a part of the Daily Telegraph in the very time and he worked for 7 years of time in Financial Times as well with his professional excellence. During the year 1984 he also worked in Channel 4 News that was affiliated in ITN. 

Nicholas Owen got married with Brenda who is reporter by her profession. They are currently living in Reigate and they are parents of 4 children. He has total 8 grandchildren and living happy life across. Previous than Brenda he was also married with Phillippa during 1969 till 1979. Because of high ratio of conflict and misunderstanding among the couple they were married and planned to get divorce. He has 2 step-children from the side of Brenda previous married life. They were captured last January in their trip of London where they were captured enjoying their perfect time together. They still look romantic as a couple and comfortable with each other’s company. He has high pa s sion for railways and he also introduced himself as a writer. His book named Brighton Belle also took good space among the media. He often travels to historical places and study old traditional things. He often changes the internal decoration of his home

Nicholas personal profile is not totally open which is the reason no information about his height, weight and body measurement clearly. Owen salary and net worth is proper in order calculated.

Owen is user of twitter and his tweets are attractive. He is also suggested to use Instagram by his fans however he has not used it till today. He was previously active in using Facebook. 

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