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At a very early age, she has been able to leave her mark in Hollywood. She may become one of the finest of the actress in Hollywood if she continues on her path. She is none other than the very pretty Nelly Auteuil.

Early Life Of Nelly Auteuil

She was born in the year 1992, in France. She is the daughter of actor Daniel Auteuil and actress Emmanuelle Béart. 

At this age, she has been phenomenal in TV shows and movies she has appeared in and her amazing work has won millions of hearts all over the world. Her mother and father are both in the movie industry and both are hugely renowned.

She has 4 siblings and their names are Aurore Auteuil, Zach Auteuil, Suriel Cohen and Johan Moreau. The names of her grandparents are Genevieve Galea, Guy Beart, Yvonne Auteuil and Henri Auteuil. Her uncles are Olivier Guespin, Mikis Cerieix, Lison Guespin and Ivan Cerieix. She has a strong background but, to be successful, she has to do it on her own.

From a very early age she has chosen to be an actress and we have to wait a few more years to know whether or not she made the right decision. She has had some great opportunities in the past and some glorious offers will surely come in future as well.

Nelly Auteuil's Career

In the year 2003, she appeared in a movie called Small Cuts and her work in the movie was absolutely amazing.

In near future, she needs to be absolutely confident to act out her roles in TV shows and movies and she needs to give her hundred percent. She can definitely become to next big thing if she plays her cards right.

Nelly Auteuil's Net Worth 

Nelly Auteuil's net worth is expected to be $1 million at present. Her mother is a superstar with a jaw-dropping net worth of $40 million and she can become one as well if she works hard.

Her mother has built her net worth by appearing in over 50 film and television productions since 1972. She has appeared in the movies such as Beyond the Known World, Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles, My Mistress, Vinyan, Disco, The Witnesses, A Crime, Hell, The Story of Marie and Julien, and Strayed.

Nelly Auteuil's Personal Life

She is not married right now and does not have a husband. As she is not married, she does not have children either. She has kept her personal life very low profile and this she has not revealed anything about her affairs or about the person she is dating or about a boyfriend.

She might just be single and this time and might not be dating anyone. In near future, she might start dating if she finds her perfect match. But till then, she has decided not to reveal anything. It is very much better for her to concentrate on her career though.

This might be very shocking for some people to know that information on her and her amazing biography is not available in popular wiki sites such as Wikipedia. Talking about her influence on social networking sites, she is not active on Twitter and Instagram, but available on Facebook. 

by sanjeet, 14 Sep, 2015

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