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Nathan Hamill was born on 25 June 1979 and his full birth name is Nathan Elias Hamill. Nathan From the professional point of view Nathan is working as an actor within the entertainment industry who has given some of the hit named in his career that includes Earth Day of the year 2001 in the top position. Nathan still remembers the very first word pronounced by him is Kenner and he was very naughty in nature during his childhood times. Nathan father name is marked Hamill who was also an actor by his career who is recognized for his work in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker. As similar to this his mother name is Marilou York and he belongs as the eldest child of the family out of rest of the children. Nathan birth took place during the screening of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back that came in the year 1980 and his father left the shooting in middle to meet his baby son and share the happiness of his birth.

Nathan was very shy and naughty in his early childhood. During the very time, he was planning to be a businessman and searching his career for coil industry. He was not much studios student in his school level of education as well which made him think about his alternative career behind the study. Looking for his father and his success within entertainment industry made him think also his career upon there. So, he started playing the minor character and small roles during the very early time. Later on, he worked with the big project on Earth Day made him go appreciable. Along with that, his work in Office Ninja of the year 2014 also listed under the appreciable work undertaken.

Nathan personal life is totally privatized. Therefore, there is no any fact available regarding his girlfriends. He dictated himself being a family person dedicated to his parents and it is a too early age for him to be in the relationship. Therefore, he is busy working in movies and even wiki has no any properly available information related to his personal life. Nathan spends his leisure time traveling and roaming around with his friends. Even he is loves reading books and music is his addiction. He is also good in playing guitar and once he also worked as a cook in a restaurant from where it can be seen he is good in cooking. Nathan is not gay and he has no any affair yet. He is promising he will be declaring about his love circle very soon.

Nathan height and weight is not available. But his salary is a s sumed to be successful with 2 million American dollars net worth in the latest year.

Nathan is not much popular in social pages and he seems new towards it as watching to his personal profile where there is only limited followers across. He is suggested by his fans to be visible on instagram 

by Bchrome, 11 Apr, 2016

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