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Naomi Robson was born in 31 August 1963 and her birth place is located in Los Angeles of United States who is running 52 years old in her age. Naomi by profession is belonging as an Australian television presenter and she is known with her workings within Today tonight which is the top Australian program that talks about the current affairs that has been highlighted across the world. She also worked within 7 Networks where she began her career over there in 1997 and went till 2006. Currently she is busy with her internet chat where she is an advisor by providing advices for the relationship and dating. She was a child traveler as because her father was busy with his business within the different cities of Australia and Britain. Her nationality is American falling into white ethnicity background.

Robson completed his education from la Trobe University and he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree with the major subject of Arts. Along with this he also did his major subject in modern art and archaeology but due to her lack of interest she was dropped out from her study and joined to photojournalism as her interest and pa s sion widely among it. In the initial time she was working as a news reporter and she became a part of Seven News in the year 1990. Later she also became a presenter within tonight Live. For the better career success she moved to United States but that was just a short range of time because she was back to Australia where she went to present Our Victoria. 

Robson has a low profile in the media in regard to her personal information. She has not been totally opened within the media in sharing her personal matter. Her personal life is a secret part of her life and there is no idea among the people whether she is married or not. Though she is caught with many affairs in her life but there is no any real name of confirmation within her personal bio. Robson has not provided her details even are the popular sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. She is very limited and close with few people in sharing out her stuffs. Robson but once was briefed with her relationship with Tony Mokbel but that occurred many controversy even disturbed her career on one side. She is totally determined and career oriented person who is very forward in her nature.

The height of Robson is stated to be 5 feet 4 inches in tall stated in the bio of her latest measurement. The weight of Robson is also claimed to be managed with her height. The salary and net worth of Robson is calculated to be around 2 million American dollars in the year 2016. She is also planning to join another new channel soon.

by sanjeet, 20 Mar, 2016

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