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Morgan Valentine Spurlock was first introduced into this world on November 7, 1970. He is an American humorist, Doc u mentary filmmaker, Political Activist, Television Producer and Screenwriter. Spurlock was conceived in Parkersburg, West Virginia and was brought up in Beckley, West Virginia. His folks, Phyllis and Ben Spurlock raised him as a Methodist. Spurlock has said he is of Scots-Irish and English descent. His best work includes One direction: This is us, Where in the world Osama Bin Laden? Super Size Me, and much more

Morgan graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1989, in Beckley and in 1993 he graduated from New York University’s Tech School of the Arts with BFA in the film. He started as a playwright at the beginning of his career. His best work in the play called The Phoenix winning the New York international Fringe Festival in1999, and the Route 66 American Playwriting Competition in 2000. The rundown of narrative movies that motivated Spurlock includes Brother's Keeper, Roger and me, The Thin Blue Line, Hoop's Dreams, Harlan County USA, and The Last Waltz. He considers Brother's Keeper the best doc u mentary ever. Then he made his masterpiece an Academy award winner Super Size me in 2004.

He got hitched to Alexandra Jamieson in 2006 and has a kid with her.  His name is Laken James Spurlock born on 2006, December. The couple got separated in 2011. He once expressed that the purpose behind the separation was him. He said that he didn't take the relationship as his first need and did not esteem his significant other, in the way he ought to have done.

Spurlock additionally said that he underestimated her and he didn't offer significance to her as much as he needed it to be him. It was said that when Morgan was in the midst of the shootings in Afghanistan, Alexandra was pregnant and she never comprehended what was going ahead in his life. He actually didn’t care about his married life not even his children at that time.  Whereas, there were some rumors that Alexandra was also having an affair at the time of their divorce but there is no proper source to confirm it.

Currently, there are no such rumors of him having any affair. Spurlock has a good physique with the height of 6 feet 2 inches and a body weight of 84 kilograms. During the making of his best doc u mentary Super Size me, he conducted an experiment where he ate three McDonald’s meal every day for 30 days. He picked up 25 pounds after the experiment and turned out to be very puffy, endured liver brokenness and depression by the end. Spurlock's directing doctors noticed the impacts brought on by his unhealthy eating routine.

After the finish of the undertaking, it took Spurlock fourteen months to come back to his ordinary weight of 84 . His then-sweetheart now ex- wife Alexandra Jamieson, a s sumed the responsibility of his recuperation with her "detox diet", which turned into the premise for her book, The Great American Detox Diet. Now, he is a happy, healthy man with a net worth of $10 million.

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