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Monita Rajpal was born on 20th of February, 1974 in Hong Kong. But she is a Canadian by nationality but of Indian descent. Her parents were born in Punjab, India. She grew up with her parents and her parents taught her Punjabi from her childhood days. Her child name was Monita Sun Rajpal.

Career and path

Monita Rajpal attended Ryerson University. She completed BA in Radio and TV arts from there. She is a fluent speaker. She can speak several languages fluently. Monita was brilliant and very hard working since her college days.

Monita Rajpal is popularly known for working with CNN for thirteen long years. On 4th of July 2014, she signed off the news giant due to her personal reasons which she did not disclose. The most memorable episodes in her career with CNN is her royal wedding episode. Monita Rajpal also co-hosted World One Together. She had hosted it with the CNN’s famous Zain Verjee. During her thirteen years in CNN, she hosted for News center with Monita Rajpal. Not only that, she also hosted two other projects for CNN. They were Talk Asia with Monita Rajpal and Art of Life.

Monita Rajpal has worked in Atlanta, London, and Toronto and interviewed various actresses, politicians, and players from all around the world. Her attractive body, smartness, and fluency in speaking always helped her to achieve success in her career.

Marriage and personal life

Monita Rajpal is a married woman. Her husband Pedro Pinto is a Portuguese descendant and Canadian citizen. The couple doesn’t have any child. Maybe they are too busy to raise one. But recently, Monita Rajpal was dragged into controversies. It was rumored that she was seen to be smooching around with her former co-worker in CNN, Max Foster. The rumor is very suspicious but can be true. But no picture has been leaked yet about her affairs with her so called boyfriend Max Foster. So, the rumor cannot be confirmed yet.This could worsen her relations with her husband Pedro Pinto.

Fact, bio, and height

Monita Rajpal is already forty-two years old but still seems to be in her twenties. She stands beautiful and very smart at the medium height of five feet and three inches. She has a beautiful body structure that would attract anyone even at her early forties. Her net worth is estimated to be $15 million acc u mulated from her salary as a talented and smart anchor. Before leaving CNN, she received a monthly salary of $45000.

Monita Rajpal can also speak Punjabi, Cantonese, and French. She loves Indian spice roast chicken, yogurt with lentils and chapati. The bio of very talented Monita Rajpal can also be found in Wikipedia, twitter, IMDb and more.

by Bchrome, 04 Jan, 2017

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