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Early life and education

Mini Menon was born somewhere in Jammu, India in a Malayali family from Kerala. Her father was an Indian army. Since her father was an army official, Mini Menon's family background is disciplined but just like any other army family, Mini Menon parents had to roam a lot as her father got posted in various cities. So, a large part of Mini Menon personal life belongs to her moving across the country and thus, Mini Menon education till the completion of her school years was a little rusty.

During her young age, Mini Menon was raised in several parts of India. After her high school, she joined St Stephen’s College, Delhi for a major in history. She earned her degree from there and then joined the University of Pune for a major in Communication Research. She also earned her master’s degree from there. In 2001, she studied Broadcast journalism in the UK after she won a Chevening scholarship


Mini Menon is the executive editor of Bloomberg TV India and a well-known face on Indian Television. Over the last 14 years, she has reported on political, business and financial news with some of the biggest names in the Indian news broadcast space. At Bloomberg TV, Mini today leads the news and features programs. She has led the coverage of various facets of financial and corporate news with cutting edge shows including an award-winning doc u mentary series and interviews with India's top businessmen and policy makers, in her popular series 'Inside India's Best Known Companies.

The first Mini Menon book was launched in the year 2013 and since then, her readers are waiting on Mini Menon'S next book. However, we fortunately get to surf through Mini Menon blog which gives away the glimpse of her excellent writing every now and then.

As a writer

The book was called Mini Menon “Riding The Wave” and was about 7 of India’s leading businessmen. Her writing works have been often compared with Tahereh Mafi,an American author and writes in the similar genre as that of Mini. Even though she is a journalist herself, Mini Menon latest's news is always awaited by her followers. 

Personal life

Just like other news anchors, Mini Menon's personal details are less heard of. This is because her professional career is so bright that other aspects of her life are somehow overshadowed;

As of now, most of her fans have the question that is Mini Menon married? Well, she is. However, there is no source to track about Mini Menon's husband but it can be said that her marriage is going strong. You can read her blogs and you can find information about the husband of Mini Menon. 

by ab-niranjan, 09 Dec, 2016

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