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Mike Tobin is a well known Chicago-based television news correspondent at  Fox News Channel. At present, he is the international news correspondent for the Fox News channel covering conflict and war-related stories from different parts of the world.

Short Bio Of Journalist Mike Tobin

Mike Tobin was born in the United States of America. By nationality, he is an American while his ethnicity is Caucasian. 

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Regarding education, he got his graduation degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and has a degree in Telecommunications from Arizona State University(1987-1989).

Career As a News Correspondent 

 In the early stages of his career, Mike Tobin joined worked as the news reporter for the weekend programs at WMDT-TV (ABC 47) based in Salisbury, MD. 

Tobin later worked as a substitute anchor and general reporter for WSVN-TV (FOX 7) located in Miami, Florida. Tobin gained more experience in the field of journalism as the correspondent for WSAZ- TV (NBC 3) in Huntington, WV.

Tobin's career took a major turn when he joined the Fox News channel in 2001. He works as the Chicago-based correspondent for the Fox News channel, but he likes to identify himself as an international correspondent. 

Tobin has covered many important events like the case which involved the death of unarmed adult Freddie Gray and the protest which followed in Baltimore, MD. He also covered live reports related to the protests and investigation of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Tobin also covered the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, Boston Marathon bombing and deadly EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. He reported after the Joplin, MO EF5 tornado in 2011. 

Tobin has covered sensitive news stories like the proceedings from the Middle East. He also reported on Israel-Lebanon conflict. Similarly, Tobin also covered the news about the hospitalization of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem.

When the Jewish settlements were evacuated from the Gaza Strip, Mike Tobin was there to cover the news. Other important events that Tobin covered were the 2005 Iraq elections and Operation Iraqi Freedom from Centcom in Doha, Qatar. 

Mike Tobin is known as a courageous journalist because of the kind of work he has done over the years. He has fearlessly reported from dangerous circ u mstances at war in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine.

Is Mike Tobin Married?

Mike Tobin is a very secretive type of person when it comes to sharing personal life. Till this date, he has not officiated about his relationship status in pubic. Also, there is no single rumor regarding his personal life. 


Mike Tobin is a news reporter who covers different news and in some situations, he has become the news himself. He made it to the headlines in 2011 when he was attacked by protestors at Madison, Wisconsin. One of the protestors even threatened to break his neck as he was broadcasting from Madison. 

In another incident, while he was reporting live from the Boston bombing scene, he gently pushed away two girls who were trying to kiss him on a live camera. 

Tobin's professional life outshines his personal life, which is why he hasn't made his relationship status public.

Net Worth and Physical Features

Mike Tobin is reportedly over 40 years of age. Fox News Channel reportedly pays significantly more wages than the national average. Tobin's salary and net worth aren't made public but most likely are over a few hundred thousand dollars.


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