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Mike Brooks is a s sociated with CNN who is presently working in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been as a part of Nancy Grace’s show as well and performed excellently across the very time into NLN. He also worked in prime news. His coverage and exclusive presence into the coverage of Ann Nicole Smith related with paternity controversy were also famed.

Along with this Virginia Tech Ma s sacre is also among one of the exclusive work covered by him. Due to limited information and profile, there is no clear estimation about his birth date and birth info. Yet, his father was engineer and mother were running bakery café in the very time. He was eldest out of 5 children along with 15 family members he spends his childhood much with his relatives.

Brooks was previously a police detective. As soon as he completed his education he joined to police force located in Washington D.C. within there he worked for around 26 years of his age into Metropolitan Police Department. Immediately after that he was even a s signed within Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force as well with his well-performed duty and performance at the very time.

Even he also worked in other several serious projects containing some important issues. Working into a course related to public safety as an instructor as well his performance was appreciable. After because of his early interest working as a journalist made him get connected with the news channel.

The limited information of Brooks does not consist of any fact related to his married life. Though he is mentioned being a married man, Therefore, is no any evidence into this regard. He is spotted in a departmental store time and again with a lady together which made him get rumored being married to her but he has not introduced his spouse publicly.

He looks very sophisticated by his nature and he is family oriented. He has helped many people who are even planning to establish their career in the field of journalism. He is not gay but because of his confidentiality people doubt in his sexuality. Mike is also noted as a father of children he keeps on making time with them in his free schedule. He was even spotted in a shopping mall which took great news across. He is said to be romantic in real life and committed with his wife in their relationship.

Mike's height is 6 feet 7 inches; his towering height itself is a trademark of him. His weight has not ben described. Along with this, the earning salary of Mike is also noted to be amazing because of his successful collection of net worth that is visible properly. He is turning pure vegan now and even quite drinking and smoking with the reason now he is conscious of his health. 

by ab-utshav, 17 May, 2016

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