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Michael S. Sthulbarg was born on July 5, 1968, who is known as Michael Stuhlbarg, his stage name. His birthplace is located in Long Beach, California and he is 47 years old in his age. Michael is recognized by his presence in Boardwalk Empire where he was portrayed with the character as Arnold Rothstein which is counted as a popular HBO television series. Michael years of activeness in the industry started from 1996 and from the very time he got his professional identity into the industry. Michael also presented himself into a Serious Man which is a dark comedy that came in 2009 and he was portrayed with the character as Larry Gopnik who is a university professor. Michael parents name are Susan and Mort Stulhbarg who was also a s sociated with Theater Company as their professional dimension.

Michael was trained into The Julliard School during his early time of schooling which was located in New York City. Michael during the very time was also engaged to drama Division’s Group where he got a s sociated as a member from the year 1988 till the year 1992 and later with the major subject in Fine Arts he completed his graduation degree in the year 1992. With the end of education for learning acting he joined  the University of California and also became a part of British American Drama Academy where he got his good friend Marcel Marceau and till date, they are good friends in the industry.

Michael is a married man and he is committed in his relationship with his spouse. His wife name is Mai Linh Lofgren and they got married in August 2013. Michael trademark is basically he has portrayed within the real life characters related with the person. Michael claims that he has never gone in any dating besides his wife and there are even know any rumors of their affair on looking to his bio. Along with this, he has also not flashed about his children and has prioritized his career in the preliminary stage of his life. Michael interest is in playing golf and he is also good in playing hockey. Often in his free times, he moves with his friends to play hockey and enjoy the moment. Michael was also planning to start his shoe business but due to his busy schedule in his career by the present time he is not planning any further about it. Michael is totally  a family oriented person who is in love with his spouse.

Michael's height is 5 feet 6 inches along by side his weight is also much balanced along with his height. Michael salary is also earning with the good range of amount and his net worth is explicitly around 3 million American dollars that are calculated with his early money around $363,636.

by Bchrome, 31 Mar, 2016

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