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Michael Ciminella is a successful businessman and marketing consultant, recognized prominently for his former marriage to Naomi Judd. Their union lasted for eight years, spanning from 1964 to 1972.

From Michael and Naomi's marriage, they welcomed a daughter named Ashley Judd in 1967. As of now, she has since risen to fame as an accomplished actress and dedicated political activist.

What Is Michael Ciminella's Age?

Michael Ciminella, born in 1945 in Kentucky, has kept his exact birth date private. His parents are Mary Bernardine Dalton and an undisclosed father. He received his early education in local Kentucky schools and later earned a bachelor's degree from a university.

Naomi Judd's former husband Michael Ciminella's net worth is $1 Million. SOURCE: Twitter(@ashley_judd)

Michael's career path led him to become a successful marketing consultant, establishing a notable business empire. Despite his accomplishments in business and corporate ventures, he garnered more public attention due to his association with Naomi Judd, rather than for his professional achievements.

How Did Michael Ciminella Became Famous?

Naomi Judd and her first husband, Michael, married in a private ceremony on March 1, 1964. Despite efforts, their marriage faced challenges, leading to their divorce eight years later. During their marriage, the couple had a child together.

Naomi Judd, a renowned American singer and songwriter, was born on January 11, 1946, in Ashland, Kentucky. Her father, Charles Glenn Judd, owned a gas station, and her mother, Pauline Judd, worked as a cook. Naomi passed away on April 30, 2022, at the age of 76.

At seventeen, Naomi entered a relationship with Charles Jordan and had a daughter named Wynonna Judd when she was 18. However, Charles couldn't handle the responsibility and eventually left Naomi to care for their daughter on her own.

Why Did Naomi & Michael Divorce?

In 1964, Naomi married Michael Ciminella, who adopted her daughter, Wynonna Ellen, and they welcomed Ashley Tyler in 1968. Their divorce in 1972 led to Naomi changing their daughters' names to Wynonna Ellen Judd and Ashley Judd.

Michael Ciminella and his ex-wife Naomi Judd posing at an event.  SOURCE: tuke.co

In 1989, Naomi married Larry Strickland. Naomi battled mental illness and passed away on April 30, 2022. Ashley revealed her mother's declining mental health in an interview, mentioning her tragic suicide after Ashley briefly left her alone.

The day after Naomi's death, The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Ashley and Wynonna are deeply affected by their mother's passing, grappling with the immense loss.

Children Details

The former married couple Naomi Judd and Michael Ciminella has a child together, a daughter named Ashley Ciminella. Initially, conflicting reports suggested the couple had another daughter named Wynonna Judd.

Later clarification revealed that Wynonna was Naomi's daughter from a previous relationship with Charles Jordan. When Michael married Naomi, he lovingly adopted Wynonna, and she believed him to be her biological father for many years due to his devoted care and affection.

What Is Michael Ciminella's Net Worth?

Michael Ciminella's precise net worth remains undisclosed, yet multiple sources approximate it to exceed $1 million. The Ciminella family enjoys financial stability. Ashley Judd, his daughter and an actress, is estimated to have a net worth of $14 million as of now. 

Naomi Judd, Michael's former spouse, possessed a net worth of approximately $25 million before her passing in 2022. Additionally, Wynonna, Michael's stepdaughter, is estimated to be worth around $12 million in 2023.

How Is Michael's Relationship With His Daughters?

Contrary to rumors of his demise in 1992, Michael Ciminella is alive and actively engaged on his Facebook @MichaelCiminella. Recent appearances on his daughter's Instagram posts indicate his presence.

Following his divorce from Naomi Judd, he opted to remain unmarried and currently resides in Kentucky, leading a tranquil life after he retires from an active career.

A Brief About Michael Ciminella's Daughter

Ashley Tyler Judd, a prominent American singer, activist, and philanthropist, is recognized as Naomi Judd's second daughter, born during her marriage to her first husband, Michael Ciminella.

Michael Ciminella's daughter Ashley Judd is an American singer, activist, and philanthropist. SOURCE: Instagram(@ashley_judd)

Born on April 19, 1968, in Granada Hills, California, Ashley, now in her mid-50s, spent her early years with both parents until their divorce in 1972 when she was just 4 years old. Subsequently, Ashley and her mother relocated to Kentucky, although she spent her school years with her father.

Ashley disclosed experiencing childhood trauma due to early exposure to inappropriate sexual content amid her mother's relationships. Spending much of her youth alone due to her family's frequent travels impacted her. Around 2007, she battled depression, sleep issues, and codependency but exhibited resilience in overcoming these mental challenges.


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