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Native of Cleveland, Ohio Megan Hughes is one of the well known figure in American television industry. She is currently employed at Bloomberg television which is in Washington DC. While growing up, she has shown interest in television and journalism. She was grown up with her two brothers. Their parents supported her to get what she wanted. Following her dream and pa s sion for journalism, she attended Northwestern University majoring in Journalism and with concentration in political science. She has shown her interest in journalism in her high school as well where she grabbed the opportunity to serve as a host for a cable access show called ‘ Fairview Forum’. By such experience she become more and more aware of the journalism work increasing her pa s sion much more.

Beginning her career immediately after graduation she joined ATV as a on-air reporter. Working there for a while she left it. She has experience of working in several other television channels as well. This includes her a s sociation with WRAL-TV which is in Raleigh and WIS-TV in Columbia, South Carolina. such a hard working and pa s sionate person with her experience, she has been successful in getting more offers from renowned and prestigious news channels. She got another offer from Cox Media group to serve as a Washington Correspondent. She also got opportunity to cover up the international events and news which includes the stories related to 2008 Presidential election of Barack Obama inauguration and many others in her tenure. After working for two years for Cox Media, she departed from it to join Bloomberg Television. Although the television didn’t upgrade her career but offered her many challenges and opportunities to develop herself as a journalist. Therefore from the channel she learned so many things which add up to her strengths as a journalist. Currently she looks after all the aspects of the government activities such as regulatory reform, tax policy and health care legislation. She is mostly engaged in political affairs and covers most of the political news. In 2012, she has the responsibility of cover the presidential election.

She stands tall with the average height and she is American in nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. She has perfect body measurements with slim waist and wide hips. Most of the male fans are attracted towards her cute face and sexy body. She usually appears on her show with tight skirts showing her sexy and hot legs and beautiful feet. Because of her unique delivery style and communication skills she is considered a one of the hot television celebrity of all the time. Especially today’s gen regard her as their role model. Moving onto her personal life, much information is unavailable. She seems to be very private person who likes to keep her personal and professional matter apart from each other. Therefore nothing about her personal issues and affairs can be found anywhere on internet. But she is still single and not married. Hence she does not have boyfriend and husband. It makes us clear that she has not gone through divorce in her life. She hardly speaks of her personal life in interviews as well.  As men find her so attractive and alluring,  such a beautiful woman have a high chance of having affair in coming future.

Other detailed information about Megan Hughes bio can be found on wiki and other networking sites. Her fans can follow her on twitter and get updates from her by her tweets. She is also active on facebook and instagram. Apart from that her shirtless pictures can also be downloaded from the internet.  More information about her can be found in IMBD as well.

by sabna, 21 Oct, 2014

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