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American sports reporter Max Bretos is working for ESPN in present context. The broadcast specialization of Max Bretos is soccer. He also attended an Acting Studio in Los Angeles; California named Judith Weston Acting Studio. In Santa Monica Rugby Club there is a remarkable participation of Bretos. Since, 1998 till 2010 Bretos is sincere towards the Fox Soccer Channel where he worked as a broadcaster. It can also be determined that Bretos was the longest service broadcaster in the history of the network.

Bretos is the degree holder from Florida State University in the subject of International Relation. The broadcasting catchphrase of Max Bretos was “Schelotto, Yeah”! This was much popular and liked by many of the people. But unfortunately he left FSC and resigned in January 2010 to grab the opportunity offered by ESPNews.

The term “Chink in the armor”, Bretos used for the reference towards the New York Knicks in February 18, 2012. This was the point sentry towards Jeremy Lin who was an Asian while Bretos was on the air as an anchor after he engaged towards ESPNews. After this incident he was suspended from his job for 30 days. Later Bretos apologized towards this statement stated by him saying his wife being an Asian will never ever intentionally disrespect her and her communal where she was born and living across. This was posted on his twitter account that was visited by many numbers of people. This reference was also used by another announcer named Spero Dedes by the time. Parents of Bretos were both Cuban exiles. They have been as a forefront towards Bretos. That was advancing the Hispanic attendance at ESPNNews. Similarly, in the year 2013 he took an interview with Dodgers right fielder Yaisel Puig. The interview was conducted in both language i.e. English and Spanish. Accordingly, in the year 2013 he also co-hosted “One Nacion”.  This program was related as ESPN’s Hispanic heritage special. 

Max Bretos was involved within a controversy where he was suspended as an anchor in ESPN. This suspension was made because of question he asked using a common sports phrase. This question was asked during the postgame recap over the break. Later he apologized among his fans and made an explanation regarding the issue. During the time the most interesting fact he reviled about his personal life was exposed within the official social media website was his wife is Asian whom he married. By the time ESPN came on the action of fire towards Bretos yet after the completion of their vacation Jeremy Lin was a front-page. It was following to the New Orleans hornets from the New York Knicks loss. Later, the editor who wrote those issues was fired and Bretos was suspended. It was made because of the postgame recap. It is also a s sumed by the people that the statement wasn’t delivered in a joking way looking across the video. 

There isn’t exact net worth amount that has been determined by the media earned by Max Bretos. 


by sanjeet, 27 Nov, 2015

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